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    Protagonists Face-Off; Winner: Edward Elric

    Diamond (Pokemon adventures) Black (Pokemon adventures) Jack (Samurai Jack) Megaman (Classic Megaman) Emma (Promised Neverland) Jak (Jak and Daxter) Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) Robin (Teen Titans)
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    Favorite Villains of Pokemon Adventures (Plot Spoilers)

    Giovanni I guess since he has a cool personality and I like his role in FRLG.
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    Where is Yellow?!

    I'm sure she will appear as a Cameo in ORAS in the full Volumes.
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    All Dragon Ball Discussion Thread (Discuss Z/GT/Kai etc. Here!)

    I agree on the sentiment that Dyspo had a cool fighting style but man he was a generic character.I hope the manga bring justice to this character since the manga stop making new character lame compared to the Anime.
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    I wish as well a happy new year

    I wish as well a happy new year
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    How do you see the anime evolving in the coming years? Do you think it will change?

    It really depend how the 8th generation is,if the gen 8 games is about 8 gym leaders then we will see ash doing an old school badge quest if not i honestly don't know what will happen to ash.
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    Should the anime actually always correspond to the games.

    I really wish people stop mentioning that scene.As for the topic,the anime is fine the way it is,it does a good job introducing the pokemons,put some interesting new bit for the lore and it put some cool idea for battles and it would be boring if it was a copy and paste from the game which i...
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    Favorite characters?

    Is frowned because idk why,mitsumi is a good character along with cyrus that is also on my list of non pokespe character
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    ABC Character Game

    Amethyst from Steven universe
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    October Plot Discussion

    Kahili looks nice here,I liked the way they draw her
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    Favorite characters?

    I like all the Dex holder but I'm only pick a a few that stand out imo,in no particular order Red:despite being generic,he is an enjoyable pprotagonist with a simple motivation and a really great design,I really love his design in flrg. Diamond:he is lovable and cute,I like his character and his...
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    Volume 53 and PokeSPedia discussion

    Damn I really wish viz translating pokespedia but seeing this is unlikely
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    September Plot Discussion

    So when the next bw2 chapter is going to be realesed
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    September Plot Discussion

    I knew sun is gonna catch a Wishiwashi,I'm hoping he gets a dhelmise,I think it suits him imo.Im liking what I'm seeing so far
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    August Plot Discussion

    Black is gonna come back and I'm impressed with colress The sun and moon chapter was ok,I will probably liked it more if Lillie made an appearance