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  • Been doing Fine. :) Snowed in, so my Program's been Closed for 2 Days so Watching a Marvel Series Right now. Other then that Nothing, just Watching some Mario Kart 8 Videos. :)
    Now with Season 7. I can get by with the Whole Time Jumping. Sometimes in the Books also it's Unclear (Tho Fornights are Mentioned A LOT!!) I think people delve into that too much. Arya and Sansa Scenes... Ok Arya was Trained and Learned to know if Someone was or is Lying. She SHOULD KNOW THAT FRICKIN Sansa was FORCED to do it! What, does she STILL HAVE PERSONAL BIAS AND HATE ON Sansa at that Time?!??!?!
    Again, THERE ARE AREAS that are WEAK! No Offense but I feel like U Criticize Dan and David a little too much. I get Film and TV ARE Subjective. I think they put REALLY HARD QUALITY into what they do. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as a Douche, I'm sorry if I am. I'm just trying to put out my Full Honest Opinion of the Matter that's all, and I'm sorry for criticizing so much.

    I think some of the Stuff in Season 5 is... QUESTIONABLE! But to Me that's because THEY HAVE to Pick Out THE WORST BOOK AND ALL IT'S STORYLINES!! Dorne is THE MOST *UCKING OBVIOUS!! Other then the Red Viper Potrayed SOOOOOOOOO *UCKING AMAZINGLY by Pedro Pascal, the Other Dorne Characters SUCK *SS!! Areo Hotah... WTF HAPPENED TO U?!?!? U WERE A *UCKING BADASS IN THE BOOKS!! Here U GO DOWN BY THE WORST *UCKING SANDSNAKE!! In the Books, U EYE THEM LIKE A *UCKING HAWK AND EAGLE BECAUSE THEY CAN'T BE TRUSTED AT ALL!!!!!
    I'll be Honest... I THOUGHT Littlefinger would WEASEL his way INTO Season 8, but AS SOON AS Bran Showed Up I was like "Oh... U ARE SOOOOOOOOOO DEAD NOW!!" Also NOT ALL the Writing is just Benioff and Weiss (JUST SAYING) and I WANT to say this, I Read the Comment U Made on the Writers of X-Men: Origins Wolverine. Weiss HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT GARBAGE FILM!!!!!! ONLY Benioff Worked on the Script, and plus I'd say put MORE BLAME on FOX and Skip Woods! NOT EVERY Writer have Good Days with Movies or TV. I just felt like Pointing it Out, that's all.
    AGREED she just KEPT UNDERMININING Him, I'm just like... "... WHY'D U NAME HIM YOUR HAND IF U CAN'T EVEN LISTEN TO HIM!?!?!?!?!?" Ok I KNEW we were going to the Battle of the Wight's, it was whjat the Show was Setting Up for IMO. With Jaimie... I DO WISH it HAD SHOWN him STRUGGLING to Reach the Surface because of the Armor, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN PLAUSIBLE!! And I know the Show and Books are Different, but MAYBE EVENTUALLY it's where the Books are going (BTW, the Predictions U made... REALLY GOOD! :) ) but we'll see, I COULDN'T BE MORE PUMPED for Season 8, I'm EXPECTING MAJOR EPIC BATTLES, and AWESOMENESS!! :)

    THERE HAS TO BE MORE ON WHO Darkstar is!!
    Ok, Season 5... I WON'T SAY WORST, BUT IT IS THE WEAKEST SEASON! I Look Past the Time Jumping because they GOTTA SPEED it Up. And Guess what... I HAVE MY FAIR COMPLAINTS on Daenerys! Like... WOW!!!! Middle of the Season, SSTUPID MOMENTS WITH HER!!!!!! Like SERIOUSLY... Ok, BIGGEST ONE! U Name Tyrion, YOUR Hand Of The Queen and... YET U BARELY *UCKING LISTEN TO HIM!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Like Ok, INSTEAD, I'M GONNA ASK THE KING IN THE NORTH WHAT TO DO WITH MY PREDICAMENT!? Like... WOW!!!!!!!!N WAY TO REALLY UNDERMINE TYRION RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!
    Ok... Here's what I have to say... AMAZING!!!!!!! For the First Time in 4 Seasons, I'm Giving Game Of Thrones Season 7 an A+ Small Problems here and there but almost EVERYTHING has TINY FLAWS so it doesn't Matter. THE BEST EPISODE BY FAR in a way... was Beyond The Wall! O___O
    Ok... 9.4-9.5/10 I think it was a Good Episode, FINALLY LOVED WE GOT TO SEE CASTERLY ROCK FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!! SHOW AND/OR BOOKS!!!!! [I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on the Episode and the Last Half! :)] But... WOW Daeny... I LIKE U... BUT U WERE [as what Jon Described EVERYONE AT THE TIME] as WHINY PERSON WHO SAYS "THIS IS MINE!!" U came across as REALLY UNGRATEFUL there!
    IT IS!!!! Now... NO MATTER WHAT I THINK of Snyder AS A Filmmaker... DOESN'T MEAN I also think of him Outside of the Movies, what Happened to him and Family... WAS A TRAGEDY!! TRULY IS!! I Felt Bad for him and didn't Blame him for Leaving Justice League and Giving the Reins to Joss Whedon! I Agree. Also... IT WAS 6 WEEKS for Suicide Squad, NOT 6 Months LOL! Ayer PROBABLY WOULD HAVE had a GOOD Script in 6 Months Maybe LOL!!

    After Wonder Woman... MANY GOOD ACTORS, Gal Gadot TRULY CAME INTO HER OWN as Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman, Chris Pine WHO I ADORE and is ALWAYS AMAZING as Steve Trevor, MY FAVORITE CHARACTER from the DCEU Probably. Ben Affleck I will Admit was the ONE REDEEMING THING in BvS, I WILL ADMIT that since I find the Film an INSULT to my Intelligence.

    Oh I know about Captain Marvel Thanks to Comic Con! :) AMAZING STUFF!! :) NOT SURE how I feel with it being in the 90's but OK THEN! SKRALLS!!!!!!!!!!
    Alright that's Good. She has her Flaws, EVERYBODY... HAS THEIR OWN EACH INDIVIDUAL FLAWS! So that's Fine. We'll see what happens later down the Road.

    Saw 3 Movies Last Week LOL!! Monday it was Spider-Man Homecoming on a 3rd Viewing LOL!! A+, then On Tuesday... THE MOST *UCKING BORING MOVIE OF THE WHOLE YEAR!!!!!! Luc Besson's Valerian, C-, and Thursday I saw the War For The Apes, an A!

    Oh I have seen both! Guardians 2 I actually saw 3 Times LOL!! :) AND... OOOOOO I CAN'T WAIT to Buy it on DVD at the End of the Month!! :) And Wonder Woman... VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY A GOOD DCEU FILM!! I REALLY LIKED Wonder Woman!! :)
    Because it had been a long while since we spoke, I FORGOT ALL ABOUT your Bias AGAINST Daeny LOL!! We'll see what happens.

    In SOME Spare time you've had, seen any Movies or TV Shows? :)
    Oh that's fine. If U were Busy, U were Busy! Interesting stuff.

    Yes I have! Season 7 Premiere 7.5/10 Solid Season Opener, but I've seen better Season Starts to this Show. And 9/10 for Stormborn. REALLY LIKED IT!! :) although I did notice the 7/10 ,Rating for Episode 2...

    Other things, seen CRAP TON of Films, including Marvel and DC Content, I'm working at my Summer Job Site, and I'm going to Europe in 2 Weeks!
    I guess in recent light to MAKE UP for DISAPPOINTING Live Action DC Films, I DID see a VERY GOOD Animated DC Film, The LEGO Batman Movie!!! :)
    IKR?!?!?!?!?! I Agree!! And they INSIST on keeping HACK Snyder (Nickname I came up with a Few Months Ago) as Producer and Excutive Producer on these Films!! Which to Me IMO they NEED to get RID of him and get someone who ha GOOD Vision IMO. Oh and it was 6 Weeks but I understand the mix up between Weeks and Months.

    Yes that's what I mean the Harley Quinn Solo Film being Gotham City Sirens. And Yes I get people NOT LIKING Mel Gibson because of his Comments FOR OBVIOUS REASONS!! Those Comments ARE BAD!! The Reason why I DON'T WANT him doing Suicide Squad 2 is that he's JUST STARTING to Win Back Fans and if he Joined a Series Of Films that are a Sinking Ship and just see him do more Films like Hacksaw Ridge which was SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

    SAME HERE!! Ben Affleck IS a GOOD Director! He could have made a Good Film! WB and DC just CAN'T SEEM TO GET ALONG with Directors!

    AGREED!! That's how I've felt for the Last Month with ALL the DISASTERS they've had with The Batman Alone! If Justice League FLOPS... THEY'RE SCREWED!!!!!!!!! And instead, these guys want to make a FREAKING Harley Quinn Solo Film which I'm AGAINST Personally since this Interpretation of the Character (to me personally) IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to see if Justice League will be good... IT'S UP TO Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman's the WILDCARD on whether the Future of DC Films are Good. I LOVED the Comic Con Trailer for it, and I'm just scared of this failing... U can get the feeling of something U Like but is afraid to fail.

    Yup :)
    LOL, they're different. There IS a Layer to the Books I do Like Better, like handling of Characters better *COUGH Dorne Characters! * COUGH and MANY MANY Others but I Like both Equally.
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