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I cant think of a name
Last Activity:
Mar 22, 2010
Feb 8, 2009
Likes Received:
I own Microsoft and work at Burger King for a nigh

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I cant think of a name

uck you!, from California

I cant think of a name was last seen:
Mar 22, 2010
    1. Swoobatty
      Funny name. Nice avatar.
    2. Tezuka Kunimitsu
      Tezuka Kunimitsu
      hello, long time no see. sorry i've been out but i kinda lost it there XD
    3. AZIIKO4876
      lol sala can't hold a grudge forever only woman can hold grudges that long. cool i was waiting 4 that btw don't put yourself down if your intimidated by you opponent you need to be confident.
    4. AZIIKO4876
      i see you visited. whatsup. something you wanted to ask or say? if you want to call me a prick go ahead idc
    5. Kycap
    6. Kycap
    7. Kycap
    8. Kycap
    9. Kycap
    10. the jman
      the jman
      Your avatar is cool lol
    11. AZIIKO4876
      i sent u a friend invite
    12. AZIIKO4876
      you have got to be kidding ROFL!
    13. spamolotz
    14. spamolotz
      My magical rainbow pony.....

      OF DEATH
    15. spamolotz
      because on the internet I have accounts on stuff and I meet people and I meet people and real life to and I thought maybe I knew you from gmail or youtube or this site or any other site but maybe not but I might have some how met you in real life but I guess not and I don't think so but I thought I knew you from a site like youtube do you have an account there because I thought maybe and then I thought maybe not but I thought I might have your e mail but I might not so maybe I don't know you but I think so and I bet you want me to stop rambling on so I will ok bye please respond.?!.?!.?!
    16. spamolotz
      you just woud ok?!?!?!?!?!
    17. spamolotz
      why not?!?!?!!?!
    18. spamolotz
      Remember me? ?!?! btw, good name
    19. AThomBomb
      will you battle
    20. Profesco
      I suppose it might work out if there aren't any existing political party-themed threads there already, sure. Just check to be certain first, I guess. =)
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    I own Microsoft and work at Burger King for a nigh
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Insert well-written 300 page biography here

    girls, pokemon(duh), girls, baseball, girls, guitar, girls, debating, and sleeping



    95% of all teens would cry if thy saw Miley Cyrus jumping off of a building, paste this into your sig if you have brown hair.

    I use "uber" Pokemon, I calculate stat values, I breed my way to perfection, and I care about natures. I catch my pokemon and throw them away like a piece of garbage if they are not worthy of my greatness, and I treat them like brainless drones instead of individuals. If you use this philosophy, copy and paste this into your signature. (Started by Swalot=yes)

    ^What a great mod^