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  • okay well this is all what i have atm like i said my bank boxes are messed up for the little cleffas...I got one bold magic guard ultra ball with both egg moves but 4 ivs only and i have a calm nature pokeball magic guard both egg moves and once again 4 ivs only :/ so if you want one of those message me please and thanks.
    I have to check to make sure i have what your asking first i haven't had a chance let me check bank and ill message you back about the info
    hey there just responding to your request i got to make sure i have what you want since my bank boxes are mixed up with that certain pokemon sorry about not responding sooner was sick and forgot about the giveaway thread.
    is it ok with you if i give you an audino that has pokerus? its the only one i still have with its ha, to save time from making you wait more
    Thanks for claiming some Pokemon! I've registered your FC already, so once you register my FC and then get on XY we can do our trade real quick.
    Unfortunately I won't be online Sunday, so we'll have to do this either today or on Monday. I hope that's not too much of an inconvenience.
    Yeah, the finale should've been a 2-parter. Apparently there is a spin-off series coming between seasons 3 and 4, and from the 1 spoiler clip I saw, it was horrendous. There is a silver lining, though; there is a good chance the spin-off is targeted at the real target audience, (little girls) so the real FiM could be more made for the bronies.
    Eh, I could relate more to her at the begening when she was less...perfect. But it's been confirmed that it's permanent.
    Of course. They all have good and bad points. But Twilight's bad points seem to be fading as she is getting ready to become an alicorn.
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