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  • Youre a really good rater i hope you get the certs, mixpert does need physical attacks because mix is stoopid because 110 > 85 you really good
    Hey I like pikachu, I actually know how to write correctly, and I'm good at it, but I just decide not to do it.

    its much faster to write than this, y? well if i were on a computer i wouldt care, but i dont have a computer, so i will keep writing like this, or at least for a while, and i can bother u....but ill write like this as long asi want.

    and y do u care of how i write? does it bother u?
    yes i am.

    thats more of a pokemon site than it is bakugan.

    (digimon? r u crazy? theres nothing about/related-to digimon on that site did u even look?)
    What's with you using the word "Gay" when you find something bad? Are you homophobic? If so, then I see why you like the Nazi salute.
    "90% percent of Serebii.net's population say that Staraptor is better than Pidgeot.
    If you're one of the 90% of the people who say Staraptor is better than Pidgeot, copy and paste it down."
    from where have you collected these statistics my good sir?
    While you change just scan the field and when you fell like you point out some good things go for it. Smogon sets are not always the best a different team requires certain sets not just the standard for everybody. Type in smogon archive index in google and click on the 1st link now look at all these great teams many of them do not have all smogon sets on them and that's why they are great. Now I'm not saying retarded sets are good but alittle differentiation is great
    I've got plenty of teams for you to rate...but alas they are not on this site, nor will they end up on it. Thanks for the care though.

    Although you've done so much for me, surely you have your own team I could rate for you non?
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