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  • I think a Magnemite kicking around somewhere-believe it to be RNG'd though.
    Bar those,I have a Gengar,Crobat and Golem:all three of which I'm not willing to part with...

    OK I'll try that. I found out about my status weakness and have been using Shed Skin Scrafty with Bulk up and Ice Punch Because it allows me to Soak Up hits better. And Shed Skin lets me Troll Lead Sableye. Hazards actually aren't a huge issue because three of my six aren't hurt by spikes or toxic spikes, Frostlass was never a survivor anyways, and Scrafty and Empoleon are basically immune to Poison (Empoleon's Steel typing and Scrafty's Shed Skin)

    I honestly miss Sub on Scrafty but with Shed Skin getting rid of the status issue and Bulk Up making me even more untouchable I swapped it out for Ice Punch so I could hit Zapdos, Xatu, and Tornadus for more damage. I am thinking about moving some of my Physical Bulk in Special Defense so I can better take their Supper Effective Flying type attacks and be able to take them out without taking major damage. I am also having trouble surviving Raicu (Didn't spell that correctly at all) because of its extreme special attack and it can totally waste my usual special wall Empoleon with a Thunderbolt. Any suggestions?
    My Username on PS is Notelobo. Want to see a preview of my team? I'm about to put up a RMT on it. And I get the terrible playing reducing you. I've been stuck at about 1600 for awhile now.
    ok, congrats. i was looking at the regular uu ladder. not suspect. sorry, im just always skeptical of ladder rankings.
    well your not. not even top 100. obviously you laddered like, directly after a ladder reset. the lowest rating in the top 100 is like a 1400, which is also proof.
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