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  • Uh the ones that have Hidden Power spreads wont be and dragalgae is missing defence. I'd have to check the others
    Since they are shiny 5/6 IV in most cases I will say 3:1.
    I will lower for certain mons if they are missing the wrong stat or something.
    Hello, I would like to make a trade offer but I would like to know what shiny Pokemon you have since you don't list any in your sig link.
    hello sorry for late reply but I have finally updated my spreadsheet. It's still a work in progress so I haven't added specific details of each pokemon but anything you're interested in I can provide more details for you.
    Alrighty, just wanted to double-check! About halfway done, just a few more minutes!
    Also! Had you said it was alright for me to take clones for myself? (I don't have to if you prefer I don't, or I can put them under non-redistribution and just keep them in my collection. I'm starting to like all the Vivillion patterns and don't have these yet haha.)
    Hey there! I am online and will be around for about another hour, but I somehow forgot that you needed a Japanese Ditto as well and I currently haven't gotten it yet. If you're around I could do the cloning for you, but the Ditto would have to come later. Sorry for the hold-up. @w@
    hey there just wanted to let you know I'm almost ready to trade :)

    should be ready in five minutes.

    What is your IGN?

    my friend code is in my about me section. IGN: Justin
    hey sorry it's been a while since I contacted you. Just wanted to let you know I have your trade ready :)

    Tomorrow late might be okay sometime after 10:30 central time (gmt - 5)

    or if that doesn't work then we can find another day :)
    hmmm this weekend might be tough, I'm on doggy duty with my fiancee, however friday night some time after 11:30 pm central US time might be okay (gmt -5 )

    Also tomorrow night after 10:30 or 11:00 pm central (gmt -5) time could work as well.
    hey sorry it took a while. Just wanted to let you know I finally have your trade ready to go and that your offer was approved :)
    hey sorry I didn't see your reply for a few days, I sent you a reply in my trade shop :)
    thank you very much for the starter pkmn, i'll have to do a bit of stone farming now to replenish my stocks.
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