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  • As long as you follow the correct form (( Lawl I stress that like nobody's business )), you can use either the Japanese or the English name when claiming an Unova Pokemon. 8)
    No, you're fine. Just be sure to have a little patience in the future; I don't add the new Ishhu Pokemon to the list until one, we get a name and two, a few days has passed since their announcement. ;D

    Also remember to follow that form!
    I have a shiny UT lvl1 drifloon - Naughty and I think 31 IV spa(it says mischievious and was bred from a ditto with 31 IV spa) ability: aftermath. looking for other shinies. plz pm me if interested

    It's actually not likely that the character is black or Indian given how Ash is colored just as darkly in the image. So I think I'll hold off, even though I do need something new to mock in my sig.
    i actually worship the ground he walks on. my favourite doctor. (he is rather attractive too...) x
    The snake needs to become a mythical quetzalcoatl thing. Look it up if you don't know what I mean. ;)
    Well, the day's up to you. Let me know when you can, and I'll see iif I can make it, too.
    I've only just noticed your post in the non-comp league thingy (um ... sorry about that) If you do want to battle me, just pm me with the dates/times that are good for you
    I'll rotate a new joke every month or so into my signature that mocks the fanbase in some form.
    I love the snake and the pig, but I'm pretty indifferent to the otter.
    If you ever get the chance, you need to. Because even though you seriously want to throttle Alyx and hold her head under water until the bubbles stop, its fun.
    I don't have mental problems, what are you talking about.
    Alyx is an idiot.
    I can't stand her. At all.
    She may seem that great, but she`s a freakin' moron.
    I can`t count how many times I was about to grav-gun an exploding barrel at some Zombine when she jumps between us AS I fire, killing me.
    Hah, Armorandonomon's hilarious herself, isn't she? I always enjoy banter with her. ^_^

    And thanks, it's nice to know there are other guys around who do this kind of important research!
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