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  • Its downstairs but we have a problem. It won't let me log onto Wi-Fi, which absolutely sucks. I'm trying to work out why right now.
    Okay, well i'm still online. Ahhhh.. I'm training a Pokemon right now but i'll be on Wi-Fi in a second. But i'll register you and then we'll be good to go. Or are you still in the Pokemon League?
    Yeah that's about right. Unless you're on now of course...
    Is 7:30pm a problem for you? 12pm is fine and easy for me. However if you're still on we can do it right now.
    I'll keep that in mind.
    Hmmm, timezones are confusing...
    It's now 1am for me... So i can't do much right now. Okay in about 11 hours? Is that okay for you? 11 hours from right now.
    Sure, the one i bred was female anyway. I'm fine with anything, you can just catch it and give it to me if you want.

    Well, while i'm sending this, its 4:51pm. Tomorrow is Saturday for me. So if you're able to get on at about 7:30pm tomorrow we can do the trade.
    A larvitar? Wow... Do you have more than one or something? Because it is a pretty rare Pokemon, or was until Diamond >.>
    But yeah, that's fine. Uhhh now to work out a time... What is your timezone? Mine is +10 GMT (Australia)
    Okay, that is fair enough then. Just trade me over whatever. ID numbers are always good. As long as it isn't a Bidoof, Machop or Starly >.> I have multiples of all of them from other people already.
    I have Pearl, Platinum and Diamond but Diamond is my least used.
    Yeah, a Houndour isn't worth any of them anyway. Perhaps you have an item? Ummm, what about Black Sludge? A Drain Punch TM would be handy... Or Aerial Ace... Aerial Ace would be better than Drain Punch. Earthquake TM qould be rather useful to me, but they are pretty valuable.

    Any of those thigns attached to a Bidoof or something would be fine.
    Well, i rather to not just give them away but i have every Pokemon except for the unreleased Pokemon, Deoxys, Entei and Raikou. So i guess i'm fine with anything.
    Sorry, i don't get on Serebii often.
    Yes i can breed you a Houndour, actually i can breed you every Pokemon that can breed. I don't just breed Houndours all the time, in fact i don't do a lot of Pokemon breeding these days but i can get you one.
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