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  • Hey did you ever continue with the fan fic? I was looking forward to it. Or could you re do the RP? I really liked how it was going and i'm sorry I killed it.
    Nice try with that NGE rp but the whole story is a bit too convuluted for me. (and I only really like one of the characters anyways)

    But you know, if my zombie rp stays alive long enough than there is a small chance that (spoiler) giant robots could enter the story. The rp is titled "Escape from Silph co."
    Yes there is, I'm pretty sure that's how it has to be to sync properly. The only reason Rei could get away with it is because... well, you know.
    I hope not either. But I think there are some things that could be clarified so outsiders could join if they wanted. Like say: Eva pilots can't have mothers (unless that's different).
    Classy, schmassy. Given that the RP is totally inaccessible to non-Eva fanidiots, you might as well have given it an inaccessible joke name.
    Ah, looks pretty cool. I may be signing up to that as a dandy British Eva Pilot at some point later.
    It really should have been called Neon Genesis Evangelion: Giant Naked Reboot, though.
    That would be pretty legit. Kind of weird to think that there are actual people here, right? Besides the regular posters on the picture thread, I sometimes feel like everyone here doesn't really exist. Robot invasions FTW.
    Holy crap, that's amazing. Nobody ever knows of anything having to do with the area, unless you're from it.
    Me? I don't live in Glens Falls/Lake George, but all of my extended family does, so it's like a 3rd home (love it). I might be visiting this summer though.
    I have a legit UT Thundurus. Nature doesn't matter does it? I would like Kyogre or Jirachi in return if that's possible. Reply if you're interested.
    Awesome! Use the first 3 approved people's SU's as examples! They have a good length to their SU's :) good luck!
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