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  • :D that's great to hear! I'm relieved you actually know what it is :) thanks, I look forward to your SU maybe lol
    Have you read the Hunger Games? Would you be interested in joing my hunger games RPG? jus wondering :)
    Hello Serebii!

    We know you're on your last leg and that there is nothing you can do to stop us!

    So we're going to propose a little game.

    Ignore this if you want but it is your only chance of stopping Team Tee Hee so it is in your best interest to play along.

    You should now be aware that there are long standing Serebii members behind Team Tee Hee. The game is simple. You must find one of these members and reveal their name to us. If you are correct, Team Tee Hee will cease their invasion of Serebii. You can try to name as many names as you please within the 3 day period.

    This is open to any Serebii member so it is your chance to try to become the hero of Serebii and the true Tee Hee Slayer!

    I will give you the below hints to help you find the real Tee Hee Admin.

    - They may or may not be under the age of 15.
    - They may or may not be a mod.
    - They may or may not have a name that begins with J.
    - They may or may not be affiliated with a rival site.
    - They may or may not have been here for 3+ years.
    - They may or may not have been someone who has posted in the Regarding Spambots thread.

    There are numerous other clues hidden in this message too.

    Happy searching.

    Team Tee Hee

    Sooo um... I guess the RE-fresh RPG just died. HahaQ That's too bad. *shrug* At least we're in Eju so I have a fun story to play. I was happy with my character bio for that one too. I guess I'll have to use her in another RPG. lol ^^
    hey I just read the prologue to 'Taking Back Hoenn, That's outright amazing!
    and a quick question, would you like to join my RP?
    Just one thing. Ever since i rewrote my character application, my character's name has been Michael (Mike) Palmer. If you could please change that. :)
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