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  • Sure, I have no problem with that. I'm sorry it died, I was waiting for someone else to post so I could make another, but no one did. By the way, what would the title be? I'd like to read it when it's up
    Thank you for notifying me, and yes, you can use my character. Just.....No shiny Machamp for this time around. If it's a Machamp, it's regular. I feel sorry about doing it in The regular Hoenn Apocalypse.
    I have all starters except 3rd gen and piplup. I have a lot of hard to get pokemon including smergal w/ sketch,evee,riolu,spiritomb,ralts,tyrogue,gible,pichu,tauros,larvitar,happiny,nincada(a lot more but I'm to lazy to list)most fossils and most of 5th gen.
    evil thing! well I'm in the wifi lounge place at the mo with a oshawatt on hand so whenever you're ready I'll be in there :)

    Oh yeah and I'll need your friend code ;) mine is the one in my sig.. edit: make it easier: FC: 3911 6724 1283
    Hey there! just noticed your post on my wall. That sounds like a fine trade. I got someone getting a turtwig for me hopefully soon, but I do love chikorita and haven't gotten one of those yet, so that sounds like a plan! I try to keep an eye on my forum account if you want to set up a trade, but I'm usually chatting in the #spp channel on irc if you want to find me quickly :)
    hey I was wondering,about the hoenn apocolypse; could you let everyone know I'd like to revert back to just where Shockwave evolved? can that be at all possible, and I would like to appologize for spamming the RP up, I just got too carried away and was up all night.

    Sorry if I was bothering.
    Yup, all RPG's im in basically died/are dying. This one is gonna be good. She has HIGH standards, and mainly top RPG-ers get in... I was in cuz i worked hard i guess? lol, so go on and join! Meet her standards and itll be fun! gooo gooo GOOOO
    Hey, I think your should join this other RPG. Its in sign-up.

    Eju << check it out, I think you should sign-up. Floorman, and I are already accepted.
    Oh yes, im in. Sorry, but they kept going on and on, i thought every post was spam with no story. lol, sorry, im still in it, dun worry.
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