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  • Hi! I'm doing the RE-fresh adventure with you. I've noticed you've done other RPGs before and I was wondering, does it usually take this long to start an adventure? I'm excited, I check every day but it seems to be taking a long time...
    yeah but I'm not really a voltorb guy. I have another question though, can I find a Cornet rock in the Casino so Magneton and evolve to Magnezone? or is that too soon?
    Okay, I was just asking about the self sacrifice moves because I'm trying to find a way to have a loss on the team.
    okay, sorry about that, i thought if I remember correctly that magnemite evolved when two others linked with it in the Anime. and the Rain dance thing was mainly about dead trainers pokemon. yeah, sorry about that. oh and quick question, is Magneton able to learn either Self-destruct or Explosion?
    Hey I wont be on for a while due to my parents :p
    So I;ll be back as soon as my parents cool down. You can take control and stuff if you can. Sorry....... bye for now
    Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy, I've got college midterms and stuff coming up this week. Though, Spring break starts next week for me so I'll have some free time then. I'll try and post something today if my mind doesn't decide to be all derpy and writer's block ish >w<
    hey sorry about the wait if you let me in i promise it wont asppin agian i just had a lot of school work plz reply back soon so i can get in and i dont know if lagnak is haveing trouble keeping up too ill have to talk to him at school....WELL BYE!!!!! :D
    Apologies but I must sadly withdraw from your RP, I simply haven't got the time to manage all my current RPs.

    I hope we can RP together in the future,

    Kind regards,

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