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    I have a question related to the club. How do you add one of the sigs?

    Those questions should be asked through VMs and other things like that.

    Click this
    Copy the Image URL that you want to use
    Press the button that has a picture on it, paste the url
    and you should be done.
    And hey DK how'd Colt get banned this time?
    He replied to a long post with tl;dr and got infracted for spam, which hit infraction count, leading to his ban,
    Hello [insert name here],

    Colt45 has been banned from SPPf, and wanted me to tell you that he was banned, and he will be unbanned on the 25th of this month.

    This message has been delivered be The DragonKnight.

    That will be $20 plus shipping and handling.
    Hello hello. Question for you. Cyrius is leaving Serebii, and someone either needs to take the OP of the Dragon type club and ownership (mods can switch you made the post), or the club will get closed and someone can open a new one if they'd like. I want to take ownership. Do you mind?
    hey ib4 just letting you know about the dragon type club you missed one thing on your form ^_^ please read the rules a bit more carefully ;)
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