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  • I have some new shinies
    next to the
    pelliper i have


    all shiny
    do you want to trade 1 of those for shiny eevee?
    Hey there, how are you?
    Sorry for not writing for so long... Our trade sort of slipped out of my mind I admit. Do you still want to do it?
    I don't necessarily need that eevee anymore, but if you still want that adamant flareon, just say so. A deal is a deal after all^^
    After about three weeks, we finally did our trade! Thank you very much for the Chikorita. If you've got any problems just let me know.
    If you don't mind, I'd like a metal coat back for me to use later. Thanks.

    I just check my connection again. It seems good now. If you'd like to trade now, we can. I've added your code, and mines in my signature.
    Oh don't worry. I rememeber. =P

    I'm trading you my Shiny UT Onix. (I'll attach a metal coat if you want)

    Your giving my a Chikorita with a +Speed Nature.
    great. I still have the onix for you. I can also let it hold a metal coat if you want.

    I may not be able to trade until tomorrow or later tonight because I keep getting the 61020 error...
    okay... though I might not be able to trade until weekend... I'm partly out of my house too this week... we'll find a date^^ sometime...xD
    sorry, I just missed you I guess... let me know if you can connect or not, otherwise we'll just do it some other time ;)
    hello. i just wanted to let you know i'm back from vacation. hopefully you're still willing to trade. let me know what day you'd like to trade.
    Hy there, I'm just letting you know I'm finally back, so just give me a shout when you want to trade^^ Sorry for the delay :)
    we keep missing each other... AH! i just ate dinner but I will be waiting for you if you get back on tonight. just tell me
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