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Ibuki Mioda
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  • Yeah, I don't think I'm ever going to be active on here again. PM me if you'd like to keep in contact and I'll share with you what sites I'm located on.
    If you were able to, and I have no one else to help me, would you help me gain signatures?
    grats! what's the camper reset trick? o.o
    also I have diana too ^w^ love her, she and gayle are all I have left from my original 10. Used to have winnie but she left me during a time when I had stopped playing for a while ;A;
    cookie is a great addition! :D
    I can see her, diana, kitty, and diva forming a club in my town >.<
    oh I don't blame you. if I could get rid of lucha then I'd have room for a wolf too. trying to save a spot for one of those and muffy :3
    I'll keep an eye out! (though honestly I might horde one for myself and if the other comes you can have them ;D )
    that'd be amazing! :O
    are there any villagers you want that you don't have? peck moves out tomorrow so even with cookie moving in I'll still have room for one more. What I mean by all this is that I'll get campers now and then so I'll keep an eye out for you ^w^ (with the camp built do villagers still just move in anyways?)
    ty so much! and nice town! well for what little I saw of it xD
    left ya a little something outside the train station ;D
    mmk! laptops about to die but i'm on in game :3
    oh if we dc then i'm sorry! i'm at my brother's and the internets kind of meh when it comes to connecting with other people.
    i completely missed where you said eastern, ignore my hour ahead Ik that eastern is actually an hour ahead of me since I'm central.
    I'll get on and come over whenever you're ready ^w^
    mmk, I can easily follow those, I'm the same with mine. made a giant flower patch/path under my town tree. I plan on making small pretty patches of flowers here and there but currently just playing around with events and being consumed by pokemon As.

    i'm -6, so -5 is just an hour behind/I'm an hour ahead right? if so then I'll do my best to be on around that time. believe if it is that I'm an hour ahead then it'll be 8 for me but that's still fine ^w^
    I don't have any dog or wolf characters so I'm really excited to get cookie. so far Kitty(I love her name so much) is my fav villager :D
    added you :3
    I'm probably available all day and I'll check my vms/pms regularly. ^w^
    mmk :3
    and ik! it looks so pretty, and then I can dance around singing let it go! but I keep building tykes and its driving me insane.

    and tomorrow is fine! gotta charge mine, and I'm having the worst luck with building the snowwoman. I keep building tykes and I can never find my 2nd snowball ;A; if I didn't want the ice series so much I'd quit on it.
    tonight or tomorrow works for me, and ty! ^w^
    yea, but peck is nowhere near as bad as lucha. can't get rid of him ;A;
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