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Ibuki Mioda

“Ibu” from Ibuki Mioda! “Ki” from Ibuki Mioda! “Mio” from Ibuki Mioda! “Da” from Ibuki Mioda! That’s me - Ibuki Mioda!

I'm the average pokemon player with great luck in finding shinies. Call me Nagito Komaeda if you want.

I really despise large forum communities so if you want to find me, you're going to have to do a fair bit of searching. (Hint: It's NOT a Pokemon forum and my username is NOT the same).

I take sig requests. If you want one, just let me know. (NOT making a shop on here, ahaha)

Feel free to talk to me, Ibuki doesn't bite... hard ;)

Dangan Ronpa, DMMD, Pokemon, Madoka Magica, Anime
November 27
Hope's Peak Academy
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code
Shiny Hunter and the Jester (lynch me, I promise I


Credits to SwornMetalhead and Astral Shadow for the banner and userbar
Ice Type Safari ;361;:614:;087;
3DS FC: 0318 8159 1550