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Ibuki Mioda
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  • hey :3
    if you'll let me I'll take cookie (and if your interested you can take peck, he's moving out of mine)
    my internet is kind of shoddy though, so might dc but I would try to make it quick ^w^
    Thank you very much for the offer. As it stands, I'm thinking maybe I'll try the villager reset trick for house placement and villager (hopefully that works). Today Bella should be in boxes, so let me know asap when can wifi.
    Life is an endless roller coaster. You go up, you go down, you go all around. Some moments you are scared but others you are enjoying yourself. You must hang on no matter what or else you won't get the full experience.
    9. Without a campsite, seems I stay at 9 unless I invite a villager over from someone's town. When Bella leaves, I'll have 8 and have to reset for villager house placement and villager.
    No problem. My fc is 0130 1895 4048

    Hmm, I don't have a campsite, but seems like I'll have to do a lot of reseting after she moves out to get a house where I'd like as well as a villager I'd like. I think I'd like Penelope and maybe Beau (think that's the deer's name)
    You're the first and only person to ask for her, so as long as I'm not mistaking with any info such as her leaving date and you can talk to her to invite her to your town, you can have her. ^^
    Really? But its awesome ;^; That would have been nice seeing as he 3DS has the stylus and ****. <.> I don't know if I am buying it because my brother has a Wii U too and he pretty much buys the games I want first and Its weird having a second copy >:c
    The original banner was 131kb, and your userbar is 310kb. That's ridiculously high for a userbar, I can see the whole sprite animation is used (not just a segment) so maybe ask the artist who made it if he can cut the animation down.
    Damn you ;^;

    Well they could have.. ;^; I guess it could take away the magic of him being a big bad boss? Like Bowser.. Just look at him :c he used to be menancing and **** now he mellowed out and plays sports XD naw well just mah opinion. Would be nice if it does end up DLC.
    I take months *^* lol well you just responded to me naow :D

    Ah... well if it werent Ridley I would go for for the other hunters. <.> I dont know their names but they do look like Smash fighters <_>
    Haha well thats what happens when the community has a large base. <.> WHAT FORUM. Im kidding, I havent joined any other forums. I guess I do wanna talk but most of the time Im just like... meh *^*

    Well... naw I would prefer if Ridley was a boss. If he was in the game it would be too OP X(
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