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  • Us, I always compensate for people I'm talking to - so I'll be on about 10am, let's say - so that's 11pm gmt - therefore 7pm for -5
    Oh yeah sure, welcome to our clan! I can battle right now if you want. I am PokeLegend15. Meet you on Pokemon Online server.
    lol I just noted you signature´s secret message that says: If you can read this you have good vision. but the reason I did is because I changed the forum style, not everyone uses the defaulr green for serebii
    Thanks for the support, IBD. About the strategy you were talking about: it's called double weather, and while it's not common, it's been thought of before. The best synergy I can think up for a rain/sand team would probably be Tyranitar, Politoed, Ferrothorn, Scizor, Latios, and Landorus. Latios is a noteworthy change over Reuniclus, blocking water and electric (and fire, depending on the weather). It also serves as a fast, hard hitting aspect that your team would otherwise lack. Landorus wraps the team up well by serving as another electric/fighting resist, and also by being the team's foremost sand abuser. Scizor is a change over Skarmory, synergically helping the team against the ice moves that will be a problem with both Latios and Landorus.

    Basically, you were on the right track, so nice job. You don't have to use the pokemon I suggest. Experiment and find out what works. You should test out some stuff on PO (if you have it) and post an RMT.
    I don't think he is a bad user. His teams are just a little, diffrent. Glimicks don't always work, but some are pure genius. This one was just a minor mistake.
    Hey. HD and stall are the exact same thing. 3.14achu is a bad user so please do not take his posts seriously. There is a reason his thread was closed by BH.
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