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  • Given on how you ended up getting the boot on PC, swearing won't get you anywhere.

    A few people on Ever Grande swear occasionally, so I think you should check it out. One of their popular members got banned on PC for swearing like you did so I'm pretty sure you might get on with him well.
    Nope, you can just go to the User CP settings and go to Edit Avatar.

    However, normal members here can only use preset avatars. And Ever Grande is actually very active, they have made lots of members in only a year. They are currently having their 1st birthday celebrations.
    I never knew you had an account here. Have you heard of Ever Grande City forums?

    They're pretty laidback and don't censor rude language a lot, also their staff are kinda laidback, with some familiar faces from PC.
    Yes it is Hikari10 from PC.

    I heard you got permabanned from PC. Staff were going too hard on you eh?
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