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  • Ah. You might not have to guess the course of my tangent. It had Serena and Clemont as the main characters and Team Flare as the villains for Kalos, with Team Flare's members going out of their way to point out that they're "fashion freaks, not psychopaths" whenever anyone mentions J, Team Galactic, or Team Plasma, going by my overarching conclusive scenario. The current idea I'm seeing about the "death" of Pokéshipping might be keeping my attention as of now, an oddly fun interpretation, I think, of the speed with which Amourshipping has surfaced. That said, I find myself more willing to let Serena's discuss which Pokémon would most likely fit her, keeping Lauren Faust's original message about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in mind.
    Truly? Your jaw might drop at my tangent yesterday morning, right as my political instincts were kicking in once more. When I checked the Cartoon Network schedule, I couldn't resist sensing another episode cited by the Amourshippers, "Mega-Mega Meowth Madness", and recalling my old overarching scenario, I began wondering what would happen if Team Flare showed up in the anime. The truly wild idea came from certain individuals favoring Clemont as a potential boyfriend for Serena. You can give a certain tidbit at Equestria Daily the credit -- or the blame -- for that idea, mere hours before the newest episode there, "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils". Are you doing well so far?
    Interesting question. Anyone who was around since the beginning -- almost two decades ago, I believe -- will have managed to skip Pokéshipping, Advanceshipping, and Negaishipping before arriving at Serena. I already had Ash and Dawn defeat Team Galactic at Spear Pillar, then move on to assist the downfall(s) of Teams Rocket and Plasma at the Undersea Temple, a feature that Serena decidedly lacks. Assuming that Team Flare sticks with its fashion-oriented fraudulence, it could be that Serena will also come to avoid such connections... assuming that we're still even sticking with this franchise, as my fellow bronies could demonstrate. It might very well be that the people who do support Amourshipping find themselves relating to Serena's self-uncertainty, which I'd find unaffordable in the extreme. Between the bronies' prominence and those worldwide accelerations I'm currently tracking, there might not even be much attention left to spare toward Pokémon, making any debates about Amourshipping's viability meaningless.
    Well, that was an odd turn of events. While keeping an eye on this new episode, I accidentally visitor messaged the wrong person, something I don't recall happening until now. Maybe that's what I get for juggling an instigated crisis and the aforementioned migration before this episode came to my mind. Anyway, it seems that Serena's self-uncertainty matches what I had in mind in the past, while Team Rocket's antics are self-explanatory. Already, the reactions are lining up on Twitter, leaving me bemused.
    The former, apparently titled "Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race", to go by Serebii.net's account. Some of my fellow bronies might need to have defibrillators handy after a preview of tomorrow's episode. Assuming that I don't oversleep, it's a safe bet that I'll stay alert throughout this weekend.
    Speaking of recent news, it would seem that tomorrow's lineup might catch my attention even more quickly. The infamous episode with that encounter at Professor Oak's camp looks set to premiere alongside a prospective migration from My Little Pony's past. The ponies themselves appear to be holding up well on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, leaving me to turn my attention toward some new pickings in the world of anime. If you can believe it, some parts of my mind placed bets on how quickly the Amourshippers would reach 500 pages. That said, I doubt I would've ever anticipated last weekend as the point in time that that happened. Have you heard anything about something known as "Twitch Plays Pokémon" recently, if I may be curious?
    I see. The other Nintendo DS games between myself and my younger brother might be fun to review, even as he continues to explore Pokémon Y on his own. Do you know of any other new Pearlshippers these last few days, out of curiosity?
    I do some creative writing myself (not fan-fiction) for professional purposes within my future career when I'm done with school....
    I love looking at people's work and sharing my opinions! Which BTW, I reviewed your first fanfic (one-shot) already...I'll read the others in my next free time.
    Alright then I'll start reading I Didn't Know It Was You first, I'll give my thoughts of it as soon as I can.
    I love reviewing stories!
    Sorry, I haven't gotten into them yet :/ Been busy lately...
    But looking at your fanfic site right now, I see you have 8 stories. What would you suggest for me to read first? :)
    Well I enjoy seeing you do what you do. But look at how far you have come in a year! your doing great! :) and the website is spectacular
    Well you deserve it! You do such a great job! No one out there is even trying to do what you are so your the best there is! And sweet! I bet she'll do great! I like all the cool stuff you have added to it
    I loved this month's newsletter!! You analyze so well..let me tell you...im so amazed that I never seen someone analyze something so well!! Wonderful job Ice!!!
    Hmmm I really don't know about that,from my experience I would say there are a lot of things that are impossible.Such is the universe of problems,the solved ones exist in a very small quantity compared to the unsolved ones.
    Hmm about prevailing,I wouldn't know...I know Japan fanbase for Pearl was bigger than other shippings,but I haven't heard anything about Amour there.I just lost a bit of my interest in controlling that...shipping should be a preference much more than a competition,in my opinion.
    Well,but you know what? There is a saying that goes more or less like this " Each minute,one idiot is born" I don't doubt it lol If bigger fanbase means a win to you,then I wouldn't bet on just intelligent people...they are not the majority.
    I actually think that depending on the person...you can get pretty deep even with Amour,the guy/girl just need to put some thought into it.I don't think the writers really mean THAT deep,but fans seem to have an outstanding talent for bringing deepness into the thoughts for shipping.
    Haha true that...you are pretty busy, what are gonna be the main things that you focus on? And yes you should thatd be great!!
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