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  • Your inbox was full, so I should be on and around for the next three hours! Let me know when you are online so I can turn my wi-fi on!
    Your pedophilia thread was closed because many people didn't bother reading the definition you posted at the beginning of the first post.
    It does seem a lot of people are confusing statutory rape with child molestation doesn't it? Even thought Psychic made it quite clear that they are very different things.
    Would you be interesting in making some clarifications such as this to the first post? As it is, I'm not sure why the focus is on homosexuality vs pedophilia.
    One thing the multiculturalists love to do is to downplay and outright hide the true nature of islam, as well as all the evils it is responsible for. Of course, just hiding it isn't enough; they keep trying to perpetuate the idea this islam is actually a wonderful, tolerant and peaceful religion that can't do anything wrong. According to these people, moderate muslims follow all the religion's rules properly, while terrorists apparently "aren't real muslims". Of course, truthfully, if you want an example of a true muslim, you need look no further than Osama Bin Laden.
    And yes, I've seen Shutter Island, and I know that feel.
    We do live in an unusual world, don't we? It's shocking so many people in the relatively reasonable western world can't see how hateful and destructive some things are, even when they're the target of the hatred and destruction.
    I know what you mean :/ Actually, the survey is pretty successful so far, except one girl was too lazy to read the entire PM I sent her and never got to the questions hahaha do you think you could reply to the questions with your own responses in a PM so I can store them in a folder? The comments are all anonymous so as not to open other members up to hostility.
    hahaha gosh, let's hope not :/ I'm a dude. But seriously, I'm thinking about taking a survey of other female users on the forums about their views on abortion. I'm not sure how many of them would respond well to me poking and prodding about that, though. what do you think?
    Please, controlling a woman is like training a donkey :3 jk, most women I know are kind, beautiful, and respectable, and I could never look any of them in the face if I supported limitations on their rights. I wonder how mattj's wife feels about his positions on pro-life, especially when they would open the floodgates to limiting more of her rights.
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