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  • I'll be there! Can't wait! Ima be there like 9.00. Going to get hundreds and hundreds of the little Gods! Going to join us in that?
    cool! It's called zapdoszulu and Scott & I are both members. I am such a procrastinator that I haven't actually started my roleplay yet, and have simply been lurking and in the cbox (nice community. ^^), but Scott has began his. If you join and decide to start up, make sure to mention me so I get a special prize. :3
    aha <3

    The reason I'd like you to join is so we can stay in contact more, though, as I don't really go on serebiiforums anymore :0

    I can't believe an Arceus event is actually coming to Northern Ireland! So, what have you been up to since I last spotted you in town (whenever that was - ages ago! D: ..)?

    Yep, gonna get a load of Arceus ^^
    also, Scott is DEFINITELY going - he's going with me.

    Also, do you like roleplaying..? Text-based, I mean, on the internet. If so, interested a nice Pokémon roleplay? I've only started but it's got a very good structure, and it's active but not overcrowded like serebii. Let me know if you're interested. :]

    I can't wait to see you..!!! <3
    Hey there, I'm an Irish Pokemon player looking to meet up with other Irish players, I was just wondering if you wanted to be part of the Irish club I'm trying to get going. Before you completely ignore me, I'm no noob trying to spam you. I've been playing Pokémon since the beginning and recently partook in the Pokemon Video Game Championship in London coming in the top 20. So just let me know by PM if you'd be interested in joining my club, us Irish have to stick together ^_^
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