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Last Activity:
Jul 27, 2010
May 20, 2010
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iceman15x was last seen:
Jul 27, 2010
    1. carlosshadow
      are you still willing to trade darkrai i have
      Manaphy lvl 40+
      Palkia lvl 1
      Rayquaza lvl 100

      my platium fc is 4039-8770-9908 plz say that you will trade for it plz
      or any other pokemon you want i will trade but i dont have the events ones
    2. CCEnvy
      yes a calm lvl 1 phione
    3. CCEnvy
      Yes, would you like to trade?
    4. CCEnvy
      I have a latios you're looking for if you still have the shiny darkrai for trade?
    5. needaslowking
      i have an adament palkia lvl 74
      lugia-lvl 53 relaxed
      ho-oh lvl 73 rash
      also a lvl 100 infernape.
      would you be interested in any of these to trade for darkrai? i'll do a two for one too
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    Diamond FC: 2708 4742 1490

    Looking For UT:
    Arceus - Adamant/Jolly/Timid/Modest/Impish
    Celebi - Bold/Modest/Timid/Jolly/Calm
    Dialga - Quiet/Hasty/Modest
    Darkrai - Timid/Modest/Hasty/Naive/Jolly/Adamant
    Deoxys - Naive/Hasty/Adamant/Calm/Jolly/Timid
    Giratina - Bold
    Ho-Oh - Adamant
    Latias - Timid
    Latios - Timid
    Manaphy - Timid/Calm
    Mew - Calm/Adamant/Jolly
    Palkia - Hasty/Timid/Jolly
    Shaymin - Modest/Timid/Bold

    Cresselia (UT)
    Suicine (UT)
    Raikou (UT)
    Rayquaza (UT)
    Ho-Oh (UT)
    Pidgey (UT Shiny)
    Regigigas (UT Shiny)
    Phione (UT Shiny)

    Will breed any pokemon for IV's, Egg Moves, and help Ev train. Can infect with Pokerus. Have many UT legendaries with good natures. Willing to work out a trade for anything.