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  • Umn...what....are your interests? *curious*

    I kind of like dress up games and stuff.....*silence*
    Your profile picture is TOTAL KAWAII CUTENESS TO THE MAX <3 Is that Princess Zelda's old smash bros desion? :) Thats what it looks like to me~^^ *not sure what else ta say...i haven't really played the zelda games.....*

    Wanna be friends?

    Nice N pictures by the way. ^-^ Cute~x3;
    icing sugar i wanna know if you want to trade message me if you do or dont and if you do i will give you my friend code
    I know that looks long and complicated but it really isn't. Try to look for a shiny in a cave with no npcs like a mienfoo in the beginning of dragon spiral tower like I did. Or the last cave of victory road. Depends on the encounter slot you get when you click search.
    Firstly, in the time finder put the min/max frame to 1. Then input the ivs you are looking for( try 31/31/31/x/31/31 for an attack sweeper).Now input nature, if your using a syncronizer, and ability you want.check the box that says search for shiny frames. Also go to ds paramaters search and make sure 3 keypresses are turned on.then click search. You may or may not find results. If you don't you will have to change the month and try again.. If you do then keep reading this. Now take one of the seeds( try for the one with a PIDRNG frame of the lowest but between 60-100) and right click and click copy full seed. Go to the main RNG window and go to Method 5 PIDRNG. Then paste your seed in the place where it says Seed(Hex).Click generate. Then click calculate Initial PID Frame.Click generate again.You will now have to look through these for the encounter slot you need for mienfoo. The seed that has that encounter slot will also have a fairly large number(50-300). the number is the PIDRNG frame. Now this will be different if you have NPC's that move randomly in the route you are in. If there is no NPC's that bother you then subtract the PID frame you found( next to the encounter slot you want) with the initial PID frame(the first number at the top of the list). you will now have a number(amount of chatters). Now go back to the other RNG window. Turn the DS on at the time it says on your seed, with the keypresses if needed,. Now when the game loads up go to the start menu and make look at chatot's summary and go up and down it as many of times as the number after the subtraction. Then sweet scent and you should get your pokemon.
    Es horrible cuando los miembros de un foro empiezan a atacarse unos a otros. Por suerte eso no está pasando mucho últimamente en los foros en los que estoy. En uno soy administradora, lo que me hace automáticamente un foco de atención y un blanco fácil para cualquiera que quiera echarle a alguien la culpa de haber tenido un mal día. En general lo tomo como de quien viene (son siempre los mismos) y los ignoro, salvo que me estén insultando abiertamente o acusando explícitamente de algo que no hice, en cuyo caso aclaro las cosas y trato de seguir la conversación en privado. Pero por suerte a la mayoría les agrada como hago mi trabajo.
    Soy más o menos nueva. Uso el sitio como referencia desde hace años y entré al foro algunas veces, pero no tenía una cuenta hasta hace poco. Me registré para mandarle un mensaje a alguien a quien no conseguía contactar de otra manera, pero ya que estoy acá, aprovecho y participo. Yo nunca estuve de acuerdo con las guerras y rivalidades entre foros, creo que se puede participar en más de uno sin que eso genere problemas.
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