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  • also before i forget...i will be battling as well if u well want to try a team just talk to me while trading or in waiting room...k im out of serebbi in 3..2..good luck in advance hope to c u there....out!
    and about time give me 20-30 mins...im knida starving right now...migth drop in burger kig to eat something and then go to trade...i will be disconnected from serebii while trading/battling just be a lil patient on me....
    those are fine...altough u might help me lots if u had a water 3 pokemon(better if it is corsola) with 31 hp or a female def increasing nature non impish cradily lileep...
    if not well eeves or something quirky u might have would work...if by any means u have an event regigigas to borrow/clone...well that would be the beast!...if not like said before eevees will do XD.
    good i shall do as told do you want me to teach it eq? i have lots to spare
    iRock forretress and Strawberry on shinny vap got it.
    not so weird...i was thinking you would go tpunch,fpunch,ipunch,trrick room on dusknoir...confuse ray is a good choice(i use it on lanturn and managed to force a sweep in ou with vespiquen thanks to that move 6 DO...my opponent rushed to its death then sweep the rest with scarf abomasnow lol) yet well will o whisp lowers atk by 66% that i recall...well i you want i can erase it so confuse ray stays, and thunder punch instead of whil o whisp is that okay?
    Anyhow ill be there trading battling in about 20 minutes and will last 4 about 2 to 2 and a half hours if u ever feel like trying a competitive team on the way im around feel free to do it. Again waiting 4 the trades;if u dont have what i need...(nearly no-one uses em) im okay 4 and with the eevees.
    lol is almost the trade time 80 mins(barely), tough i like eeves(more precisely the evolutions it gets) a lot ;) i was thiking of a male 31 ivs water 3 egg group pokemon for breeding purposes(cradily and tentacruel(have a bold one but not a calm)) or almost same hystory 31 hp indeterminate knowing pain split(want to breed again 4 a dusknoir but mine is female and released the male mismagius with 31 hp i had 4 the job) or knowing trick room, destiny bond(bannette ubber lead...gallade could work but i already run other sets)...if there isnt well ill take the eevees just 4 the awesome sake.
    *glomps back*

    An extra Bold Eevee? Sure, why not? xD

    Nope, I still don't have both of those. =w=' If there's anything else, though, I'd be happy to trade it with you~
    ...Np sorry about the nicknames didnt read the VM`s while trading if you ever wish to change the nicknames well u can retrade em to me 4 that...not gonna stole em...they are yours.
    Anyhow no worries im gonna keep that in mind...and btw one of the eevees in the eggs was a sassy with 20+ ivs...is a curse-annoyer umbreon now. and the impish well im gonna make it a sheer batton passer glaceon(unexpected and useful in the new UU hail team im gonna make).Thanks 4 the trade enjoy the vaporeon,empoleon and forretress.
    Lol thats a nice nickname because a shiny vaporeon is somewhat have a pinkish-purple-ish color.

    Well its alright dude. Thanks for checking it out.
    Oh wow thats a great deal! That dude is definitely generous.

    Aw thanks mate but its alright if you can not hatch one since I do know how its difficult to get a female ones.. Let alone with Timid nature!
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