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  • Hey, congrats on nomination and scoring in the Awards this year! Truly, your unstoppable kids deserve good mention!
    Chapter 5 is up if you're interested. Let me know if I should keep sending you updates.
    Your profile is amazing XD I'm an old time johto fan myself too and I used to really like researching johto glitches. ^_^ Wanna be friends?
    Eh, lots of us had names that sounded better when we were teenagers, don't worry. Including the teenagers.

    I kinda forgot about my accout here for... 3-5 years too, but the urge to fic came a-callin, and now I post here, AO3, and FFnet.

    As fr how I've been doing, good! I've been having a much better 2017 so far than a 2016, that's for sure. Probably the biggest highlight is that I got a dog. Her name's Pidge and she's a sweetheart.
    Hi there! I noticed you're new here, and, well, I like seeing new faces on the fanfic boards, especially ones that seem to have more experience than the average passing newbie. I'm Umbra. I was kind of a lurker myself before I started actually posting fics here. How are you doing?
    XD Aaaaay, working for the man. (*high fives in the meantime about surviving adulthood*) But hey, cybersecurity's a good, solid field these days. Especially given how frequently news stories are popping up about X getting hacked or Y getting leaked or what-have-you.

    In other words, protect us, o fair anon! \o/

    Also, lmao, I forgot that Farla does that thing in January where she reviews literally everything. I never did figure out what the precise formula for impressing Farla was because some of the stuff she rips into is actually not that bad. But then again, these days, she tends to copy and paste parts of her reviews and rarely says much else (like, she'll copy and paste a paragraph about pokémon names and leave it at that), so it's like ... yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about whether or not that says anything about your stuff. She kinda just looks at one or two things before moving on.
    Haha, yeah, not being in school will do it. 8D It's been a while, though, so I have to ask: what did you major in, and what're you thinking of doing now? :D Yanno, besides writing regularly, which is still pretty awesome.

    As for myself, been doing all right. Surviving adulthood by some means or another. 8D Also pulling shenanigans around the forum, so there's that!

    Fair enough concerning posting in multiple places. Admittedly, the reviewer scene might be a little slower here than on PC (if I recall their reviewer scene correctly, anyway), but with people coming back, you're sure to have readers! (I, for one, have looked at your fic myself, and although I need to drop a review, it looks like a strong start. 8D)
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