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  • oh i dont really get a lot. mostly what i get is the opportunity to take honors classes, i get to live in a better house, and i think theres some stuff like research opportunities and w/e. oh and when i graduate i get to graduate "with honors" which will help when im looking at grad school or a job or something.
    yes indeed i did. and i'm in the honors program there too which is pretty sweet.

    also did you try to add me on fb awhile back? i wasnt sure if it was you so i didnt add it.. haha.
    hey, we havent talked in awhile lol. did you end up deciding to go to ucla?
    I haven't been on Shoddy in a while, and I don't go there much.
    I could go there a bit more, though.
    I just go by Atoyont.
    I read Kana now, yeah. I plan to import Pokémon Black when it comes out in Japan, so I'm trying to learn a bit of Japanese so that I can at least understand some of it. Gotta work on the grammar part; the games traditionally don't have any Kanji, so that will make my life a bit easier with it.

    They were fun games, though, don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed them.

    I'm trying to find a job, now, but it's going kind of badly.
    Feels like I've gotten worse, since, if I recall correctly, we went even or I beat you more. Eh, doesn't really matter. Game & Watch and Ganon are probably my best characters, but they both need considerable work. I've been using a lot of characters (R.O.B., Wario, Jigglypuff, Bowser, Sheik, Ness, and Wolf), so that may be part of the problem.

    I might try to go to a tournament this Friday, but I dunno. It was fun playing with you again though, you've still got the basics down really well.

    Also: Remioromen?
    Nah, I'll graduate, I've just got to do work that I should have had done a while ago.

    I had no Asian to go psycho with. :p
    im majoring in biological sciences. haha. as far as physical appearances and personality go im one of the non-nerdiest science majors lol.
    haha well im not majoring in engineering. i didnt go on saturday either lol. what are you majoring in?
    Yep, got HeartGold. I too enjoy the Factory, though it can really be annoying sometimes.

    I'm a senior, yeah, though I've been really lazy and I'm slightly afraid that I won't graduate because of it. I've taken some college classes too, but due to my laziness the grades might be bad. I've learned something of a lesson from this, though, one that I've needed to learn for a long time.
    ehh right now im just kind of going through the motions. ill probably be more excited as it gets closer. i'm probably going to be a mustang "yay"
    lol ive had more but i clear them out sometimes. well i'm actually going to go visit a college today and i'll be gone for 2 days. yay.
    You ought to get on that - with so much sarcasm floating around the internet, a detector is an invaluable instrument. Funny you mention the P word, as my mood change happens to be due to my going through menopause. (That was a joke.) Do you really perceive me as such a different person, then? I've been hearing that a lot the last couple months, and it's starting to make me wonder.

    This place wasn't ever meant to be more than a hobby, though. It's sad to see people leave almost completely, claiming that real life matters more, when stopping by here doesn't need to usurp real life's hold on their attention. Ah well. It would be good to hear from you every now and then, anyway. ^_^
    Yes, Misc has gotten to me. But before we go into deep discussion of the matter, I have to clutch my sides, which are aching from the gut-tickling hilarity of your weather jokes, Ico.

    And you know, life is full of contradictions; not the least of which is antisocial friend-requesting. Can I ask why you don't visit Misc anymore?
    I was just remembering the way you used to call me convoluted and sentimental, and it made me nostalgic for the good old days.
    Oh *facepalm*

    I hardly go online anymore. I haven't had the time this year (or last year) to play.
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