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  • That's good. ^^

    Ummm... speaking of January, I'm going to be on hiatus from the computer starting from my end of winter break (January 4th) to the end of 1st semester finals (January 15th), mostly to prepare for those finals... so yeah. >_<

    But I do hope we can brawl again sometime. ^^ And yeah, Link and Toon Link are still my primary mains. Most of my secondaries have changed though. Ike's my strongest one while the others are Zelda/Sheik, Marth, Kirby, Wolf, and R.O.B. :]
    Hey bro, how ya been?~ I'm thinking of returning to sppf full time again & havn't spoken with you in so long D: Whatcha up to these days?
    Good games!
    No one got the "SGT" message during teams lol

    And I must say that both Lightning Kicks were rather unintentional. I just tried them to see if they'd work-- and they did!

    Also I didn't mean to suicide to Luigi; my second jumps just seemed to vanish.
    Because of "Super Ganon Times" in Atoyont's catchphase

    I only said that because you tend to attack people while they are taunting. :p
    Cause I'm mischievous, whatever I want to pick on some of people =P
    Zero-Wolf is a jerk haha.
    No offense, I'm clever whenever someone tries to do sandbag against between you and Atoyont. I often dodge air attacks/basic attacks and throw someone back at you guys cause I'm bothered by him.

    If someone fails to recover I taunt every time =P

    Use your mind.
    I dunno who that other dude is, trying to figure that out right now.

    I was aiming to create something of a "Super Ganon Time".
    There are two types:
    1. Free-for-all with all Ganondorfs, all items on medium. Teams optional.
    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbWG1KWrjHs

    And from that Diddy onward (to the Ganon stuff) was Random, even though I got my Ganon and the same color Diddy twice. :x
    *This is going out to all the people I used to talk to hours to every day*
    Damn, I haven't talked to any of you for like a year. I dunno why. You guys are suh awesome people! Well people can change a lot in a year but I know you guys, and it wouldn't be a change for the bad right? :eek:
    How's life?
    I still had fun, don't worry. You did tend to attack me at the end of my taunts though lol. That is indeed teabagging, and I'm not really sure why it annoys me.

    Ganon's UAir is an amazing edgeguard, especially when reversed. I execute it with the C-Stick and fastfall it.
    Goo games

    You don't seem to be quite as fun to Brawl as I remember. :p

    Just so you know I really don't like attacking/being attacked when others or I am Taunting. Also I hate hate HATE teabagging except with Ganondorf, Ness, and DDD (if you just crouch).

    Also I left because my mom made me. No ragequits.
    The Honeycoupe has great handling and drift, and has (IIRC) the best Mini-turbo in the game.

    Preferences, I guess. :p
    Glad to see you're back. School's been annoying (so has my procrastination lol), but other than that I'm doing good.

    My Ganon's pretty good now IMO, my favorite character (yes, beating out R.O.B. and Game & Watch!). I actually went to an IRL tournament a few weeks ago but never got to play (singles) tournament. I had quite a few friendlies with a Marth main and lost every one but had fun with those. Afterward I joined a Doubles Team and lost every match... but at least I had fun. I think I could have placed decently in the tournament though.

    I'm going to ask for the sheet music of this song for Christmas.
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