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  • I'm really annoyed with two things at the moment: myself and hax.
    Level 50 Battle Factory, 34th battle. I've got Flygon, Mismagius, and an oddball Rhyperior (Elemental Punches plus Aqua Tail). I beat the first two foes with Flygon, and then I'm up against a Staraptor. It wouldn't have been a big deal were it not for something called Double Team. It takes out Flygon so I send out Mismagius who has Destiny Bond. I use it and Staraptor does like 2/3ds damage. I should have used it again, but I thought that it lasted longer so I ended up losing because Thunder/Ice Punch miss something like 10 times in a row.


    and you're wrong, the negative thing is having to live at home for 2+ more years. that's a big enough negative for me to never ever ever go to a CC.
    I figured it was something like that lol.
    I got a harmonica for my birthday. It's fun. I also got Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.

    Also HG/SS are looking amazingly sweet.

    And thank you for teaching me the word "rapt." Quite a good word.

    Trapinch is a doodlebug.
    I'm trying to learn Professor Layton's theme from the series of the same name. It's more folksy, but I like it just the same.

    What's that song from anyway?
    Well, at any rate, I remember reading about them stopping the replays awhile back, and then they did, and I haven't gotten any stages or pictures, either, these past few days, and on top of that, I'm pretty certain the "Submit" button is now gone when I'm viewing replays and stuff. And maybe Zero-Wolf just changed his name then, since I concur that it sure seemed like him. Too bad the lag became horrible and our matches started dropping after he joined.
    Not quite.
    It has to do with not registering for classes when I should, i.e. one week before school started.
    So Zero was my original name before someone had the same name, I changed that to Neku or others. Although, most of people don't know proof of me include GrizzlyB. Cause people might forget something, you know.

    I haven't seen you for awhile.
    How was the first week? The work for Stat isn't that hard, it's just writing everything out is a pain.

    Man. Taking classes over the summer, not fun. Glad my parents didn't make me got to a college camp, although it might have been nice if they had.

    I don't do much on it either. Just look at what other people do. We could if you want.

    Yeah. I'm starting to study now. Too bad I didn't do that well on the essay either.

    Go see District 9. Now.
    Haven't they stopped doing the stages/pictures/replays, though? And yeah, that's basically what I was doing, except I was searching for Anyone matches to screw around in without luck. But did Zero-Wolf at least use to go by Nexus or Neku or something? Because otherwise I would have just assumed it was him.

    I don't think you used PK Thunder against me at all, either. Although you did when the free-for-all started, which didn't end well for you. Now that I think about it, I truly do hate how Brawl's Wi-Fi operates (short of it actually existing, that is).
    It's fine.

    I had been punished for a school related thing, so I wasn't able to get on until yesterday.
    Me, too. And I hate using him.

    Good games, by the by. I'm still impressed by your precision and how well you can flow between attacks. I hope I wasn't interrupting a planned four-way match, either, since I just saw you on and joined, but then Zero and Slice came on simultaneously (who are they, for that matter?).
    O, cool thanks. Btw what is Power Trick set? Isn't power trick set suckish since you switch attack with def. So if I get even 1 single hit i'll be dead and shuckle cannot outpace other pkm since it speed ain't that great. I just wanted my Shuckle with max evd stat, particulary in def and hp that can be used against wifi battle at full advantage. Btw what moveset would be great asset for the Shuckle?
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