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  • Hey thanks for replying my post. :) So in your post does it include pkrs or no? My shuckle does not have pkrs atm(I can get 1 though) but I do have power belt,weight, and band even though 38+22 bidoof ain't alot to kill anyway so I can do it withough pkrs.
    Thank you. I work all day every day this week, so it's more a forced break than a choice xD
    Yeah, I have one. Make a "King" team with Nidoking, Seaking, Slowking, Slaking, Kingdra, and Kingler. You're already one third of the way there!
    Yah, im doing a royalteam right now under spoilers in the thread. i didnt think of Slaking, Kingdra, and Kingler
    Man. Sorry about the long wait.

    Taking AP Stat this year. Me being the procrastinator that I am waited until the last minute to do the work. My school starts tomorrow btw. Has yours started yet?

    As for summer, my brother broke his foot, which put an end to all vacation plans we had. So I spent my summer playing Halo and whatnot. You? Also got a facebook a few weeks ago, and have become addicted to it. That and fmylife.com.

    Not so good. Didn't really prepare and made a 1600, I think. Taking them again in October though. Congrats on your scores!
    Oh, I meant alternate them for different types.

    Like Modest one for those Rock pokemon who dare threaten me and then change a while later, If i feel like the need to kill grass pokemon with Aerial Ace, etc.

    I believe you can switch pokemon as long as it is the same type
    Yup. He is a real helper on my team :)

    Do you have any suggestions for the Battle Hall though?

    I wouldn't enter Scizor since it could get fried by fast fire pokemon :K
    Thank You So Much! Your advice on changing Magmortar to Scizor was great :)

    I finally beat the Frontier Brain. Thanks! :)
    Personally, I don't think that's bad, as I wouldn't ever mind paying up to $15 or maybe $20 for a console game, especially if it's usually in demand, like Wind Waker would be. I'd actually expect to pay close to $20 if I were looking for a popular game like that at Gamestop or something.

    That being said, though, I don't know the going price at all. Sounds pretty fair.
    And I would likewise enjoy nothing better than the opportunity to politely and respectfully exclaim my gratitude to you in a most verbose manner. ^_^
    Haha, yeah, just poking fun. CheapChap, you, and SapphireL are the only ones that post in that thread anymore. That know what they're talking about, that is.

    I miss randomn00b ;__________________;
    makes long rmt posts
    That's seriously what I've always identified with. 'Oh, no use going to the Single rates thread, Icohasewhatchamacallit has already made a tl;dr post that answered everything'.

    I'm bad against Zelda and I can't use her. Not quite sure.

    Ike seems to be inconsistent as a character in general. You need to be very careful with him. I was loling though when you somehow got hit by Bowser's FSmash while recovering.

    Good games though.
    Sakurai's stupid ban would be the 3-minute limit on replays.

    My R.O.B. just lost to another Falcon lol, but it was close. He definitely is better than Ganon.

    Good job on your final by the way.
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