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  • Alright, I'm assuming you're on break?
    I can't Brawl tomorrow, but any time Monday that I'm on Serebii is pretty much a good time for me. So I'll be waiting.
    And don't be afraid; I'm not that good. Above average, sure, but nowhere near as good as AEROBLASTER or Icosahedron. :p
    No problem and thanks a lot, I was surprised that it hadn't been made previously, to be honest. Glad to have the oppurtunity with it :D
    You mean another join-form? Was I removed from the member list or something?

    Also, I had some more explanation, but it went over the character limit for visitor messages and the forums froze before the thirty seconds between messages were up, but I guess that won't be necessary now?
    Alright, so I'm sure you know it was the Puberty Thread in Miscellaneous that Dig-kun mentioned. But he said it was because we got too in-depth in our discussion of... raunchier material. It's true that this closed the thread, but it was reopened by another mod. Several pages later, someone decided that the thread had gone on for long enough, and that it should be closed at its prime, for whatever reason. I posted, I think, three times after his initial post like that, all of which were, admittedly, off-topic. But then Kirby came to close the thread, and, for whatever reason, decided to instantly ban all but four people on the last page of the thread (one was a mod, so she couldn't; one person was actually completely on-topic, as they were responding only to old posts; one, she is friends with, so didn't ban; and the last person, I have no idea, seeing as they're a pure troll anyway). And that's pretty much it.
    So, what's my status in the Brawl Club, if I may be so bold as to inquire? I think I can convince you that I was banned for a whimsical and almost entirely unfounded reason, if you would want to hear how things really went down (fyi: Dig-kun completely misrepresented the reason in that post he made in the Club. I would go as far as saying it was stupidly wrong, and he has no clue).
    Hahaha yeah it's been a little while since we last talked and seen each other on wi-fi lol xD How are things going with you?
    Well, if you ever do decide, you could easily change it in the name change thread.
    Well, when it opens up again anyways...
    I'm thinking of changing my name to AERO~
    Wanna brawl? FC in sig =D.

    Btw, can you tell me who im best with out of the characters i use?
    EDIT: O yea! Post #100! XD
    Ack sorry Icydragon i couldn't brawl today since i had to help put Christmas decorations around the house can we brawl on Thursday?
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