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  • [*IMG]http://i38.*******.com/bg1oy.jpg[/IMG]
    Try copying this into your signature, without the asterisk of course.
    Hey IcyDragon, would you want the banner in my sig? It would count as only one banner, thus allowing you the ability to add another one.
    Oh, so about 5 hours difference. (Hawaii) How about 6 your time, If I have the time zones right.
    Can I get a response regarding the rules for the Nintendo/Brawl club competition I proposed below? Of course it wouldn't overlap with any other events within either of the clubs--Water Cup included. I just need to know so I can put together a post on the subject, and we can start collecting participants on both sides.
    I figure I should Brawl the owner of that club. ;D

    I got your Friend Code...
    Mine's 3480-2480-7824
    IcyDragon, May i request that i be un-banned from your thread. If you would like my piece on this topic, please pm me. I really love the club, and hop that i may rejoin.
    We'd have to determine a number of players that both sides could pull off (16 sounds good, but it doesn't need to be a power of two), and I'm thinking of setting it up so each member of each side plays every member of the other side. Then we'll total the victories to find both the winning team and how well the members stacked up individually
    Hey. Is there any chance we can squeeze the battle between the Nintendo and Brawl clubs in before the Thunder cup? Our tournament is coming to an end within the next few days, and I'll be able to keep them occupied with a Mario Kart DS thing after that (random thought, hope everyone likes the idea), but it will probably be done well before the huge thing we've just started in your club, and to wait for another one after that (God only knows how many will join that) would be too much, given that some of the members that know about it have started up discussion.

    I've thought over the rules. I'll edit my ideas in here after a few quick Brawls with Alzi.
    Indeed it was epic :D Final Destination had to be the best choice for a deciding match ^^ Anyway yeah I wish you the best of luck in the next round (you might be fighting either GrizzlyB or Atoyont...if one of those two win) :]
    Miscalculation...I thought that North Dakota is in the Mountain-Timezone. So it's in the Central-Timezone then? Well you don't mind if you'd go online at 5:00 pm in your area, do you?

    Oh yeah...I think you forgot to give me +15 points for enlisting Wiimote a few days ago (I should have 95 points by now).
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