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  • Thanks ^^

    My Umbreon is a great staller. I can take out just about anything with him ^^

    Mine's good... I have to go to work soon, wah D:
    Yep. I have an Electivre, Moltres, Porygon-Z, Dragonite, Umbreon and Gliscor. Almost all of them raised by me ^_^

    Oh, awesome! Par-tay~ :D It's nice when your week is full of good stuff.
    Yeah? I have to make a new team too. My current team is almost to lv.97 :x

    How has it been an interesting week?
    I have been just super ^_^ Been a darn military patroller on this fan event that took place today :< Nothing short of a fiasco, really. *sigh*

    But other than that, I am pretty darn nifty ^_^ Yourself?
    That would be awesome *_* Typhlosion + TPunch... ^_^

    That reminds me... I need to start hatching Chimchars with TPunch & Fire Punch XD;
    Heh awesome ^_^ I got a Totodile with some good egg moves but the babies aren't inheriting them anymore D: Oh well.

    I'm also debating whether I should keep hatching for an adamant male Ralts but it's kinda pointless now that I have a jolly one, eh?
    lol it gets pretty tedious actually. I hatched a modest female Eevee the other day, and I'm quite happy about that ^_____^

    What do you plan on hatching now? I'm probably gonna hatch some Cyndaquil next.
    I think we all could.

    I'm doing pretty well ^^ hatched a Jolly male Ralts yesterday, after about 3 rows of Adamant females. *kicks them*
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