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  • Kinda living inmy nightmare, but getting used to it D': Vietnam is a terrible place to live, now that I realized >_<

    How about you? getting your summer vacation yet?
    No prob. I hate final exams. I'm so slow. T.T

    Cool, thanks! ^.^

    Sweet! I've always wanted to learn Greek. XD

    'Kay. *adds*

    Ah, the typical miscommunication. Gotta hate/love it. Lol. Well, I'm glad it worked out; and I must say, isn't it usually the people you don't get along with that turns to your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend later? Lol. XD

    :) Thanks. It's fun, but I do awful in front of an audience, even a small one. I'm going to this Saturday Summer camp this Saturday, and we're gonna do a little sample of what we learned. I'm not sure if it'll be a mini play or not, but it'll still be in front of a crowd. -_-'

    XDDD Rofl.

    XDD That's what we thought when he first came here, then that all went down the drain after the third day. *rolls eyes with a smirk* But yes, he's still adorable. ;D

    Yay! Sapph and you and me and Kuriboh and Mew! :3 <333333333333333 We should totally do a Hetalia RPG, and would, if Jun didn't hate it lol. But yeah, I lvoe Hetalia.

    OMG! Icy! ILU! :x

    Ooooh, that's great to get a compliment like that! It's good to hear you're improving. I'm sort of like an unofficial writing coach for Kuriboh and a beta reader for Sapph; I want to see some of your stuff!

    Oh, that's terrible though. I mean, if you don't even try... and that's true, even where I live.
    lolwut How in the world did they sing?

    ... well, he smokes, has a beard (not mustache), likes ice cream (despite being only one ice cream shop in the capital...), is generally a good person but very aggressive. And... yeah.

    8D So what's your account?

    83 Of course I don't mind! Send, send! XDDD

    XDDDD Talk about fun and always getting a surprise! That's what I call an adventure without going anywhere. XD

    83 Yeah. I just wanted to take some acting classes, but my mom thought I should do the audition I did before (I think I told you about it before, didn't I?) because they help you gain confidence and stride to do what you do and forget about other people. ^^
    And aw. ): Maybe you can go to another one soon?
    I'm going as Sheena from Tales of Symphonia! I'm also going to meet an friend from the internet there. ^.^

    XDDDDDDD ROFL Yes, he is cute, but he's also a trouble maker!
    D: yeah...


    lol, funny names.

    Yes, there's a Cuba. Only really shows up in strips with Canada, though. Also, there are over 40 countries, at least in concept, in Hetalia.

    Watching Top Chef Canada.

    So hardcore~ Talking is difficult, isn't it!

    lol, we're also going on a four-day-field-trip to Jasper next year, just the AC class.

    Those Germans love their weird names. like Fritz.

    lol yes. It's incest fun! Belarus is yandere-creepy! But Russia stalks China lol.

    Here ya go.
    Cool! That sounds like it'll be thrilling with some twists! 8D

    XD Sweet! I like people like that! XDDD
    Well, I'm trying to look up Creative Writing classes and getting prepared for this audition coming soon. I'm working on my cosplay for an Anime Convention coming up (in July), and . . . Oh! And I got a new puppy (in March)! His name's Hachi. ^^
    lol, my friend says :3 face is a mustache. But, she also doesn't think "trolling" is a word meant for being mean.

    :D I'm with you all the way!

    lol, I know. But this year they went to Italy, and last year France, and I'm going to England. :/ What about Spain? Maybe Greece? I really miss those places. England is... rainy. lol. But you have to qualify and go through all this stuff... in fact, it's a whole class.

    Well, not really. I got over everyone. ^-^;; Mostly I just enjoy talking to them now. Like this one German guy I know, Tammo, we have interesting conversations.

    Yep. I love that manga; it taught me a lot about geography, history and country relations.
    lol I still love you for it. I'll take more work over your return, however short, any day!

    I'll try and still get on of course. :p But Yeah... I have three weeks of you being here I guess before I go to China. :D

    Uh, I don't think so... but I'm going to England in Spring Break with the school. We may meet this summer though, depends if I can get to Guangzhou/Canton.

    lol I'm kind of over it, but he's still fun to talk to.

    :D As long as you have fun. I like German and I'm like pestering my mom to sign me up again. Hetalia fanfics did teach me a little... mostly swears. LOL
    Internet does come in handy, doesn't it? ;)

    XDDD It has! Nothing new, but I got a FF.net account.
    What's new with you? Are things at school better - aside from the friends moving away thing?
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