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  • In our class, we considered each other as a family (well, some of us...) so yeak xD
    Kiet? Haha, he's way too crazy for SHINee, but he's kinda like me xD I dunno, I change very fast.
    Haha, I dunno why I like hearing people talking about their friends, family and such...well, see ya then xD
    Next to me is Ngoc Tram, her middle name is like me, and she's also a Vietnamese, and I called her mama xD I teased her like all the times. She is kinda a mom of our class.
    Well, my classmates are pretty cool, excepted for some who think I'm crazy (well, the whole class know I'm crazy, but they think of it in a negative way) and they think I'm too self-centric, diva and annoying.
    I especially like Kiet, Singapore's number 1 pretty boy (I'm trying to coax him into love with me, since me and my boyfriend broke up. I know, Jun change really fast, depend on the weather)
    Haha, I could write a thousands words about my classmates. Tell me about yours?!
    Haha, some of them didn't got their parents permission (most of us are stydying aboard, so FREEDOM!!! But some are NOT)
    So I was like "Don't eat all of my chips again" and "The neighbor is going to complain..." But they ignored me anyway lol. And they roast marshmellow in the kitchen.....

    Do you get along with your classmates then? Some of the class don't like me, but most of them love me xD
    Haha, I did xD I was like "Shut up or your lunch will never be the same!!!" So they pouted and said "You wouldn't dare!!" And boom, no one had lunch that day (you wouldn't want to know why, it's disgusting)
    And after that, I have to buy dinner for the whole class and have them sleep over at my house again (that's 2 times this week)
    I just grabed my diner xD

    Uhm, well, school is really tiring for me......when I came back to school, they were all like "Do you got sourvernir for me?! Why did you got her one, but I don't have?!"
    Yeah....Kinda like it actually xD but Juny is kinda...girly.....No no no, Jun is bisexual

    Aish, back to school again, which made me feel really tired D:
    Aiiiyyya, why didn't I notice the VM you send me in 6th February?

    Must be the internet :/ I'm really fine!!!! And, I notice a lot of people start to call me Juny.....
    If you're still confuse, view our conversation xD
    Oh, my gosh! But that's...um, how did they work together? Or, maybe, it wasn't real love, just puppy love, and he gained dislike...?
    Aw. Ugh, but media triggers my tear ducts much easier than hurtful people. I'm weird that way.

    Ooh, that sounds interesting! What stalkers! That reminds me of this one fic... nevermind.

    But wait, does that mean platonic love? Because, um, only one book I've read (published book, not fanfics - too many of those to count) mentions gay people.

    Greengrocer's apostrophe!

    XD I know. I'm experimenting with expressions.
    Sure! I'm always interested in new pieces of writing! Except for deathfics and when people lose their memory, those always make me cry. :/

    XD. Well...that just reminded me of something about my train of thought sped by so quickly I didn't even grasp it.
    I like the font too. ^.^

    Anyway, over all, I do like it, but I think it needs a little more something to draw you in more.
    Like after the uncomfortable part, that where it needs the extra something.
    Maybe add an event that happens to Jessica. Or maybe Leo. Something to get people's attention.
    If that's added, I think we have an 110% winner! ^^
    lol. That's how Shoshana's character, Birch, is like. The mother figure who worries for everyone. I'm Cypress, the "perfect sister" who knows telepathy and stuff, which is kinda Mary-Sue is but I can be annoying. Pine is the girl who keeps running away, but she's grown out of that, and Cedar is the dreamy, romantic one.
    The dark past would be too much for this young, little kid who seemed to be much more mature than her age (at six she couldn’t stop running away from everything, and the rest of the familiy thought this habitual stopping was a good sign).

    For now, Birch was just content to relax on her bed of long grasses and ferns, gaze locked on the night sky, and gave a tiny white lie, just this once.

    “Nothing could be better.” and after that, she tussled over, falling into a silent and relieved sleep, Pine watching suspiciously but affectionately, and soon fell into the same state.

    *Bottom up.*
    Ooh. I'm gonna use Gracelings-verse in my next fic.

    Night stars glittered with the perserverance of the Buffalo hunt, Birch mused - but of course, though buffalo hunts were important, stars littering the velvet-lined sky was much, much prettier. The girl, around eighteen, with long, dark-sun-streaked-caramel braids, a small nose and wide hazel eyes with flecks of forest green, lay on her small bad of grass underneath the sprawling, pale tree, branches jutting out like an arranged picture. Plopping down beside her in a not very elegant or perfect manner, Pine, with her strawberry-blonde locks, thinning to her shoulder, and brilliant, clear-cut emerald eyes, didn’t look anything like her sister. She sat thoughtfully, crossing one of her legs over the other neatly. In silence together, the two, just gazing at the flickering stars like were serendipity, holes in the sky, comfortable in the warm but breezy night air.

    “Birch,” Pine started suddenly. “Isn’t it so peaceful? And perfect nowadays...” her serene expression and quiet, soft voice floating lazily through the sweet air.

    The girl in question turned towards her youngest sister, only seven or eight. “Yes, Pine.” she murmured gently, her mother side shining through. There would be plenty to tell, to explain, to save for later. Maple, that familiar name striking a mental chord in her head. Of course, Cypress, the philosophical eleven-year-old, had probably seen this coming, and Cedar, the dreamy one who always seemed to argue with the mother-figure, had also somehow predicted. But no, better to let Pine sleep well without any disturbance haunting her dreams, without breathless nights staying up, confused and frustrated with the world. Better not to mention the newcomers, the diseases, the reasons behind everything...no. Birch, her sisters, they would all save that for later.
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