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  • All right. I'm feeling much better nowadays. From being sick, I mean.

    Um, lets see. Negi and Cloud are after Fate and Sephiroth and ran into the Sailor Scouts whom are going to help since they don't want trouble either.
    Rosalina popped in while Nagi and Fate were fighting and started chatting with Artemis, but she had to go somewhere.
    Negi wants Sakura to agree to something, I think.

    Um, I think that's about it. I don't really get it either to tell the truth.
    I was just going with the flow, but it started getting boring fast. That's why I use the other Scouts a lot. Get some comedy going, I guess.
    I'm not sure this is what you wanted to know, so if it isn't, then just tell me. =P

    Negi owns these special pills that can make you older or younger, depending on it's color. red makes you older, and blue makes you younger. It gets noticed alot that Negi's older form talks, looks, and acts like Negi, so he started to go as "Nagi" while older, off of his father's name.

    he also recieved these special pieces of paper from one of his students, Setsuna, that can create clones or tiny floating versions of the user that can talk to the user and the user only through telepathy, hence the "Chibi-Nagi".
    Hey, Icy! ^.^ How's it going?

    Are you going to post in the RPG? Once you do, we can get on with the plot . . . And I was getting bored of not doing anything really. ^^;
    you did?

    2.I... can't. Christeen doesn't even know that i know about her crush. she knows that her friends know, but she doesn't know that they told me.
    3.Not that easy...

    okay, bye. T.T

    o.0 Charlie used to date CARLY?! The girl you hate the most?

    1.Well, I like Laura, that's for sure... but lately, because of my cold, i lost my voice. i can't talk so well. you can barely hear my coughs. two more resons why i cannot ask her out to go.
    2.Well, Laura and every girl in the school, as well as most guys, know that Christeen likes me, but i have no interest in her whatsoever, but she's nice, and i don't want to make her sad. T.T
    3.I'm just plain too nervous.
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