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    good. but you should also get the guys that she-devil asked out. they will help prove what you said.

    no. one swear wont work. try *bleep*ing son of a *bleep* who *bleep*ed her own *bleep*ing *bleep*, cuz she is a *bleep*load of *bleep*ing *bleep*!

    Laura, and Christeen. o.0
    o.0 why are we making simple faces?

    why don't you tell Mike?

    GREAT. I want to see the she-devil.

    I have my own love problem right now...
    sorry for doing this late. dang internet. =P

    mostly, they have too much homework. >_>
    sometimes, it's because i have too much homework.
    also, our family reads part of the bible every day, and people want to play during that time sometimes.
    my church also has many bible gatherings, making it harder to meet up with friends. T.T
    They also usually have plans,
    sometimes it's me.
    sometimes, i'm just too tired to play, after a long day of school.
    sometimes, i'm just plain sick, like today. (has cold)
    or, I'm just plain lazy.

    The laptop is able to be carried, so Serebii is easy to get on. That's why i enjoy coming here.

    Nah, me? Haha, I'm still like old times. Well, I'm still trying to kill my sister's boyfriend. If she marry him, I would either kill him or myself.
    yea... it's funny story...

    you see... when Negi eats his magical red pill, he turnes into the teenager Negi, who he goes as Nagi. he can turn back by wasting alot of magic at once, or by eating his magical blue pill. eating the blue pill when he is a kid will turn him into a preschooler. These pills works on anyone that eats them, by the way.
    and no, i'm not. a short-term thing. Mina thinks Nagi is Nagi alone, but later, she will find out that Nagi is acctually a 10-year old. then, she stops.
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