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  • I thought you said to drop it and I thought I said it was a mistake. So...

    Ah. We got a seating plan arranged in Tetris pieces-

    Icy, if you read my post again carefully, you'll realize, if you know what I'm talking about, it actually means the thing I'm trying to tell you. Try it. Then I realized when I read it over, you woudn't and even I got confused and simply put, there's no other way to word it without it conveying the same mistaken message.

    Besides, don't you think that if I didn't wanna hear about your personal life it would be for your own good? Now, I'm not trying to track you down or anything but really. I rather really have tact sometimes. For all you know I could be telling the truth.
    Nono, here's the version we sing here. "I know a song that never ever ends, never ever ends, I know a song that never ever ends, and this is how it goes!"

    *cough* see last post.
    Wait, I made a mistake...*facepalm*

    I'm terrible at wording. What I meant was: "I find it stupid if person A told person B something about person B".
    I know...and it just repeats and repeats...

    Hey, you can't say it's not mundane. Besides, you've never met me in real life, I am SO MUCH snappier when I can't censor out the words. xP
    Most redundant, stuck-in-your-ead song: I am sixteen, going on seventeen...I am seventeen, going on eighteen...you are sixteen, going on seventeen...

    I always found it stupid someone telling another person something about themselves (unless they were just born or had amnesia or doctor says some medical thing...)

    Yes, crew stuff.
    It's pronounced "quarrel" (like, "kuh-war-el", kuh-war kinda slurred, with "war" a bit like ae together and emphasis on it) and is a mix of choir and oral.

    Ah. My friend was casted as one of the kids with more lines and her (short) friend has been casted as the Maria (apparently had lessons all summer) in The Sound of Music. I think last year, they did The Wizard of Oz and before that, Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

    I'm doing tech.
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