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  • Oh! Someone I know, her hair is kinda curly and poofy, and she straightened it. It went down her back. But my hair is naturally straight.
    GAH! sorry again. Man, when i joined Degrassi, i found out all the people who had male characters, and male names, were all FEMALES. so lately, i've been thinking everyone as the opposite gender as their names. XD
    Hey, i saw you arguing with Jun, and if you want, then i can help you add Korean to your "Colorful Vocabulary". XD Jun knows Korean as well, so this might boost your place against him even more.
    Oh yeak, have I ever done anything to you? If I can remember well, when you started to quit on anything, I ended up being the first one to convince you to come back. And you would just end up like "It's not what I like, I want it this way! I want that thing to get out of my RPG, or I will never return! If you don't do it, then you don't like me! You hate me! You're rude to me! You're not my friend!" I believe I've told you a million times before, if I'm not your friend, would I waste my time to do all those stuff?
    Every single time I hear it, I just let it pass. But recently, I've been tired of it. I've been tired of my life, so I come to the internet. But now my internet friends would drive me crazy, I just can't take it anymore.
    Not that everything harsh and hurtful is bad. You don't seem to understand the problem here. And if you couldn't handle anything, you would just do something like try to advoid it. It's not how we deal with our problems. Face it, fight for your right. Quiting=wimp.
    Do you think I would wate my time send you VM, fight with the others in the discussion?
    I fight for my pride. I love it as much as I love playing with you guys. But you didn't respect it. What do you think of me when I'm down to my knees and beg you to come back? I look like a wimp, didn't I? I'm pathetic, didn't I? Like right now. Everytime I did that, my pride shattered. But you know, everytime it works, my pride became twice the size as normal. It filled all the gaps in the broken parts, when I feel like my effort was worth it.
    You know nothing about me, because I swear to you that you can't believe anything on the internet. But if you trust me as a friend, even if I said the most ridiculous thing in the world, like I've been married, you would belive me, right?
    I'm just saying, if I got friends that argree with me everytime, it's worse than having no friend at all.
    Oh yeak, harsh. It's just a saying.
    Huh, who didn't even think about excepting my apoligy in the first place?
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