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  • - Yeah, before I knew it, I was stressing out about college. lol Be prepared for your junior year though, that tends to be the most hectic.
    - I've been watching that cake scene at least once a day. :p
    - That and she gave Kyuubey what he deserved, haha. While I want a continuation, I think it's gonna be really hard to top Rebellion's performance. I can't imagine another sequel being as good as Rebellion. Oh yeah, I heard that Iwakami (the producer) originally intended Rebellion to be the second season, but they decided it would work better as a movie (and I agree). It would have been neat to see them ease through that fake world for a handful of MotW episodes before the reveal though.
    - It kills me too, though the lack of shipping hints is admittedly the smallest reason why I find it hard to sit through any of the new Pocket Monsters anime for more than seven episodes (now I only play the games and read the various manga).
    Same here. College life is really killing my time from the good ol' internet in general, haha. Even then, I only come here very occasionally, mostly when someone links me to a thread.
    Aw man, it seriously doesn't seem that long ago when I was 14. Time in high school really flies... Haha, but it's nice to meet a person that was born after the 90's anime era that's a fan of PokeShipping and RocketShipping. :D
    Yeah, Rebellion's twists were pretty cool. I loved the way it ended, it left me thinking about it for days because it caught me off-guard. lol The darker parts of Madoka are what appeal to me the most, but I loved the (odd) "happier" beginning parts of the film while they lasted. The cake song is stuck in my head too.
    (I agree, Homura's one of my favorite characters! I think Rebellion made me like her even more. It's nice meeting another fan of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.)
    Wow, haven't been on this site for a couple of months, so late reply. ^^;
    Hm, is that so? Makes me sound old even though I'm only 20. lol Or was that supposed to imply the other way around? But anyway, yeah, I'm doing fine, especially now. Like Hakajin, I don't go on this site much anymore.
    I see you like Madoka too. Have you seen Rebellion yet?
    I don't mind it, I'm sick of the Misty/Iris characters tbh XD
    Yeah, he got banned because of those random posts in the characters thread that he made about those two XD
    She's pretty much calm, shy, and laid back, kinda like a less energectic Dawn xD
    CyberCubed loves shipping her with Max lol.
    Yeah, I was one of the PokeShippers from the original PokeShipping thread from way back.
    Nice to meet you. Haven't heard from Hakajin in a while.
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