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  • Haha I'm glad you liked it :) I got it from Pixiv.net , which is like a Japanese Deviantart lol
    Japanese kids are very talented *.*
    [ Awesoem! And what you could do: have you ever drawn Ash and/or Misty? If not, do some simple sketches with anime screenshots as references for the poses, to get used to drawing them. ]
    [ Well, as I said before, you're not unclear, you just seem a little surprised once people disagree. ]
    [ Well, I think it fits her perfectly, and it would also help her to see if Ash loves her or not, like a test: if he reacts with jealousy, she knows he loves her.

    I think you are clear: you think Misty was attracted to Danny and Rudy, but not as much as to Ash.

    Yes. It's clear what you think, but remember that not everyone will agree with you. ]
    [ I think Misty did use Danny a few times to make Ash jealous, like the blanket thing, to tease him. Teasing fits Misty.

    You constantly say you're not being clear, but can't you see that it's also just that you can be clear, but that people can still disagree? ]
    [ I know you think so, but Misty being attracted to Danny and Rudy is NOT a fact, it's your opinion/interpretation. I knew what you meant, but it's not a fact, and you try to make it seem like an undeniable fact that everyone has to agree with... ]
    [ Thanks! And can you also imagine Tahlia and me riding a Milotic together? Does that feel romantic?

    I see, I don't know that show. ]
    [ No need to apologise.

    Thanks. If you imagine me in Pokemon anime style, with the outfit from the photos I sent you, and then Milotic next to me, does that look fitting?

    I see. Your username is more Ice-like, but oh well. x3

    My top 5:
    1. Milotic
    2. Bayleef
    3. Absol
    4. Dragonair
    5. Altaria

    My favourite type is water. ]
    [ Four VMs? Wow...

    Griding is boring, but yeah, sometimes you hvae to.

    You know how I look, do you think a Milotic fits me?

    What other newer Pokemon do you like? ]
    [ Aww... Wow, then you've been grinding a lot!

    I'm not an Infernape fan at all, sorry, I prefer Gen 1, 2 and 3 Pokemon. Do you like Milotic? ]
    [ Let's move on to VMs now. Anyways, yes, practice is needed to get better at drawing. But just doing new drawings is practicing as well.

    I can't explain my Milotic-favourism, sorry. It has been my favourite once Gen 3 was there and has been that ever since... ]
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