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  • SAME.

    AnD OMG YOU NOTICED ThAT TOO? I think it was because Homura was wearing it. Like some symbolism, or maybe she just didn't have it in that timeline (considering Homura could carry her soul gem through time, perhaps Madoka just didn't have the hair ribbon).
    GOOD. XD
    Aaah Steins;Gate was really good, I wasn't fond of the romance plot but eeh a lot of people liked it, I was out of the majority in that case.
    It'll definitley happen lol. I still hope Kyubey gets some sort of role.. v.v
    HOMUCIFER STATE AHAHHHAHAHA. XD Yeah I know same here.
    OOOOOOH wow that's really cool. XD
    Oh yeah I know what you mean. XDD I don't like it when series drag out, mostly because I feel stuck watching them. XDD
    No she didn't. :/ But she was cool, I liked her. XD I want to know how she turned into a witch though, also how Homura fell.
    WAAIt you mean when the girls were becoming magical girls? XD IDK I wasn't really scared but it looked fanservicey and I started laughing. It might have been the recording cutting off some of it.
    Hmm I've heard mixed reviews on SAO, I might watch it sometime tho. He's going to watch Shingeki no Kyojin with some friends, as well as Steins;Gate. ////but now i won't see his comments. D:
    Yeah I would have liked a happy ending too, but like I won't deny the twist is interesting and keeps me wanting to watch it lol. To me Homura probably snapped anyway. XD So it doesn't seem to far fetched. I just didn't like how abrupt the ending was, I wanted more. XD

    AAAH yeah I had to too. It bugged me at first, but then I got absorbed into the movie. XD I know the DVDs cost a lot tho. :/

    I got him to watch the first epi of Tsuritama last night. XD He didn't care for it too much.

    I just watched Rebellion tonight AND IT WAS REALLY INTENSE. I really liked it!! Can't wait to see what's next really. Kind of sad about Homura going yandere mode/devil mode IDON"t EVEN KNOW AnYMORE
    I"M TRYING. But he's stubborn and he doesn't like starting anime too soon. XDD

    Homura's my favorite character too. I heard what happened in Rebellion, but I haven't actually SEEN Rebellion yet, so I don't know the full extent. XD Though in a way, I think the series could have left where it originally ended. Oh well. xD

    AAah I've watched OHSHC. xD I haven't watched too much anime because of school, but I've watched Steins;Gate, Tsuritama, Attack on Titan, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, and Free!
    Ahahaha. Thought so. :p I've been trying to get Loko to watch more anime, PMMM being one of them. XD //though I tried to get him to watch Tsuritama. XD

    OOOOH same here. I've heard some people were disappointed in Rebellion, but I think there'll be a second season tho, or maybe another movie.

    Btw in PMMM who's your favorite chara?

    What other anime do you like? ^^
    [Hey there-- I didn't want to get off topic in the PokeShipping thread, so I thought I'd just VM you what I thought.

    I thought 4Kids were surprisingly pretty good as far as Pokemon goes, actually. Their dub definitely had some problems here and there with the donuts, sandwiches, as well as the numerous errors, but overall it was a nice dub: the voice actors and script writers in particular were great and made the series a lot more fun to watch in English to me. Same here, considering they also got rid of some hints: that's really a shame they think that way. Ash's current dub voice makes him sound quite a bit older than he really is at this point, so yeah, I definitely understand and I preferred Veronica Taylor as him as well to say the least-- she had a lot more energy and enthusiasm in her performance as Ash as well, IMO.

    Me either: it's stupid and disrespects continuity as well as the bonds the friends had with Ash and company, IMO. One of the biggest mistakes a show can make in my eyes is when it replaces certain characters while selectively choosing to keep certain others around allowing them to grow stale, flanderized, and the like, or just mindless replacing them without a second thought to the contrary: rotating them around is probably the most effective way to go about it, IMO. It's sad to think that Misty and Brock will probably never appear again for the duration of the anime: same goes for May, Max, Dawn, and Tracey (they had a chance to show a cameo from Tracey in BW142, but they chose not to outside of Ash thinking about him lying on the grass-- last time he appeared was with Prof. Oak in BW116 via a TV screen, and he didn't say anything).]
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