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  • Yeah. I can't remember my own FC either, so I always have it written down in four different places. X3 Two of which is in my About me section, and in my signature. I'm now online and waiting for you.

    And yeah, I found your FC in your "about me" section. X3

    Who are you in-game? I mean, your name in-game and maybe your appearance as well.
    all of the pokes that I named have egg moves and 4-5 ivs . I didn't know that you only had one iv growlithe your post said that you had 4-5 . Sigh well I went through the trouble of contacting you so I might as well get one anyway. I'll take the growlithe and a 4 I've cluacher . You can pick the ivs and I don't need nicknames. I can trade tonight as well
    Well if I remember correctly your original post said that you were just getting rid of them but if you've changes your mind then I have extra chimchar , togepi , treecko and goomy . I only need the growlithe and clauncher :)
    Thanks for the response is there anyway that you could choose a few growlithes to see the ivs? Im not asking you to check all of them but you know a decent amount. And I'll take a clauncher and watever other reject you java that I may not have :)
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