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  • Mon revived it. He thought it was too good to just die, so he restarted it. I'm Terrakion and Registeel. It's going' along really well. Werner already well into the training of the Legendary Children. We didn't even get close to that in the old one. Wb!
    No, I haven't. I guess we'll both be discovering some new music. ;P

    I recommend S.C.A.V.A first. ( one of there songs)
    I haven't gotten L4D2, but I plan on asing for it for my birhtday :p. I missed my SPPF anniversary D: I discovered this awesome band, Hollywood Undead. Ever heard of them?
    OMG YES.
    hacking and slashing FTW.
    L4D2? what does that stand for . . . . ?

    currently my dad is obsessed with watching The Biggest Loser. That's such a bad thing. Like how Pink Floyd is Mr.G's favorite band.
    we've noticed

    have you ever seen Finding Bigfoot? it's so fake that it's hilarious. even my SS teacher watches it. I believe in Bigfoot, though . . . .
    exactly. Bonnie is like a female young Andy and all (except a little more wacko, maybe) but it still won't be the same . . . . it's just gonna be rinsing out the old movies and adding more water, you know? Blah blah blah, Bonnie is in colledge, blah blah blah Andy's now 80 or something, blah blah blah Bonnie's 40-50. At the rate they're going they're probably going to have to use a descendant of Woody and Andy/Bonnie for Movie 8 -.-
    I used to be able to do that, but meh, I kind of moved on to imitating Zurg from Toy Story ^.^;

    you know, there's gonna be a Toy Story 4. I bet they're going to make Andy 30 in it.
    yes, yes you do.
    meanwhile, I have to take a crack at imitating Yoda's quotes again. Plus a healthy dose of Darth Vader.
    feelin' a bit moody today?

    I'm always like a Squidward around Mr.G. He keeps looking at me even more weirdly now that his secret isn't safe. I remember it like it was yesterday . . . .
    Mr.G: Hey mom, can I have a dollar?
    (his mom is a second-grade teacher at my school, and his brother is the P.E. teacher -.-)
    Mr.G's Mom: Okay. But please explain to me what you see in Amber
    (Amber = first name of my reading teacher)
    Me: o_0;

    yeah, I was practically standing there the whole time hanging up a poster for Beta Club and they just realize I'm there. *starts to back away slowly*
    oh, they will. someday.

    you know how weird it feels when you figure out that your English teacher has a crush on your Reading teacher? >.<
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