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    Oh hi Bri, I didn't know you had an account on serebii.
    I believe you have me confused with somebody else.
    Can't exactly blame me for getting bitter.

    Oh well I'll get modded big deal.
    You're not even a funny troll godamnit

    You're just a ****ing atrocity
    Hahah! You don't have to do anything. ;) You have the team posted in the RMT Forum, I'll just inform you when your team is on the show, and you can listen to our suggestions from there! :D
    Hey! I run a Pokemon Podcast called StriatonRadio, and we have a segment called the Battle Subway. How it works is we take a team in for consideration and we all try to give some input on the team.

    Now, the reason I'm telling you this is for shameless advertising because I saw your team in the RMT forum and was thoroughly intrigued. I love seeing creative, non-standard teams that actually have competitive value.

    I was hoping you'd let me put your team in the queue for teams to be reviewed. Of course, you would get credit, and I will link you to the episode that it is posted on (granted, it maybe be a month or two from now). Would that be acceptable for you?
    Shop is still closed I'm afraid. It will be open within the hour I would have thought, be sure to check out the title page as I'm relaunching everything. You'll need to request again then too.
    America is doomed though, don't kid yourself otherwise. The country's economic and political will collapse completely in your life time. It never has gotten better and the government only knows how to stall. I have seriously been thinking about moving.
    I know right? Like some people here are oblivious to such a notion. Like the only way we could ever get back is if we had some radical thing happen in our favor, like we find some hidden cavern filled with gold or diamond, or if we found a cure for cancer, anti gravitation, etc. something like that otherwise it looks like a sad story. Some think that like it will be better in 10-15 years, and it is like umm no try more than that. I'm just saying I found that last part sort of humorous despite my belief that it may well be unfortunately true.
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