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  • Thank you! ^_^ And a happy Valentines Day to you too Igottapair! Have a great one =D

    How are things, anyways? =)
    Do you really want to experience frog man? Frog man shows no mercy in your horrible dreams. Also, I hand him the chainsaw in the end.

    You tell me infinity plus one on top of whatever you say forever.

    Alright, that's fine. I should head off to bed anyway. Nighty night, puppet man.
    Well, it helps auntie sleep and keeps her from going insane. But only because she's immune to the poison, you're not.

    You tell me.
    The one in the big bottle with the cork on top. Smells like cough syrup and poison.

    Right...Let's keep it that way.
    And auntie loves you! Just as long as you stay out of her way and never touch her special medicine.

    Hopefully not together like last time.
    Chocolate: gives me a better high than marijuana. And of course I'm right. Aunt Haruka is always right.

    Oh, I forgive you. I'm too sleepy as well. Ugh, I hate insomnia.
    Well yes, but I don't think you should only take one day out of the year to say "I love you". There just shouldn't be one measly day dedicated to love. That, and it isn't so much love as material things. I do like the free candy though. *thumbs up*

    I can't think of anything, you aren't giving any effort, and I can't get to sleep. Oh well, at least there's quizilla. The ultimate time waster.
    Hey, I make fun of everyone. Don't take it personally. Although I will give everyone an extra blast, just because I hate this Holiday.

    I'm actually being nice right now. :( And oh yeah, pfft. I keep forgetting your a few years older than me. Oh well, I'm not redoing. Make up a topic, buddo.
    What? I may take pleasure in being mean for fun and in morbid humor, but...Eh, you're right.

    Alright, fine. Meany. In any clubs at school?
    Unlucky Friday, you have failed me. Although it technically is Valentine's day now.

    I will. And tell the puppet to tell carrot that I said for Igottapoo to make up a topic because I'm bored.
    Oh, right. I was kind of hoping it'd just happen though, I don't feel especially violent tonight. Or maybe it's just the laziness, I dunno.

    Yes, they should. Blind dates don't usually go too good, but carrot is really great at massages. Tell puppet that ahead of time.
    *Smiles at your smile, knowing it will be crushed soon enough*

    Yes, I recommend it next time. So, uh...Conversation is kind of at a standstill. Say something funny.
    *Smiles devilishly*

    Yeah, because your a dude. No dude has male friends that try to talk them into seeing a romance story with a "hot" vampire boy. At least I hope not. And thanks. I can't really ignore it as much as I can resist it and hide though. :p
    Maybe your idea of realism is unrealistic in real world realistic views on realism.

    Oh god don't you ever get me started on Twilight. Every girlfriend I have tried to con me into seeing that worthless film. Then I had to hear about it for months...Ugh. Thank god for sports, keeping me sane.
    Let's be realistic here.

    This is the first time in a couple of years I've wanted to see a movie so bad. And yeah, I might be a chick, but I'm the most abnormal, non-lesbian tomboy I know. :p
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