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  • You got a point there. I'm a creep magnet.

    No, it's more of a...Well, I'll just give you this. Why the hell would I be into a love story anyway? Thought you knew me better.
    ...Why are we still friends?

    Coraline has a pretty predictable storyline, but everything else about it rocks. And if only you could. I'd love you for it. In the meantime though, back to stealing change from under people's couches.
    SNES is alright, but not near as great as the Sega Saturn.

    Pfft, watching Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th. I bet it was a bad movie though, most modern horrors are. Speaking of movies though, I'm aching to see Coraline. Looks fricking awesome. Now if only I had some money...
    Well, you sir, are crazy. NES is the whole reason I still love horrible graphics and platformers. Nothing better. ...Well, except for maybe shooters or Adventure games.

    So, whatcha doing for the weekend?
    Tried that, but this thing is built like a diamond. It refuses to break.
    I even tried throwing it out of my friends window, who lives in a flat, six stories up. All I got was a small dent on the side
    I would, but I just got this one for crimbo, & if I got a new one, it would make my grandma mad, thus causing a chain reaction where each other member of my family woul get mad, until, I get involved in a horrible "accident" which would bring forth my untimely demise, & I would end up sitting next to you in heaven!
    which is bad for my health, and would ruin your death, coz I am apparently the most irritating person in the history of mankind (I was actually given that title)
    I wouldn't have minded but, my computer froze for aboutr 5 min when I was looking at your sig, so all I saw for 5 minutes was your sig repeating over and over and over again.
    cool, but the clip of mareep in your sig gets annoying after a while coz it repeats so much!

    When do you think you could trade, coz I can only really trade this weekend, coz my wifi connector doesn't work on my computer, only on my grandma's, and I'm only at my grandma's every other weekend, so after this weekend, I won't be able to trade for another two weeks! :-(
    I'm ok, exept for the fact that I still haven't got round to evolving slowking.
    Which reminds me, please could you trade with me so as I can evolve him?

    PS. whats with the mareep theme?
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