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  • Well, I'm a fair girl, anyway.

    No, no. It's alright. I can always find some other noob to push around for fun..

    Would any other way really work with you? Probably not.

    I'm ain't no rocket scientist, but hopefully my insane creativity and dumb luck will prevail. For everyone's sake.

    I think I ought to make him give me a foot massage, too. Again, for everyone's sake. Trust me.
    Eh, it's not like I can judge other people's neighborhoods anyway. Not with the sty I live in.

    You should be. That was one of the three and a half reasons I still come here anymore.

    Oh, so I see she wears the pants in the relationship. Of course, you couldn't have it any other way. ;p

    No problem. They were already on my hit list, now I just gotta figure out how to make a gun from a lava lamp and a paddleball game...

    Everything. I've been stressed out this whole week. Oh well, at least tomorrow, Danny boy and I get to hang out, not to mention it'll be raining all day. Rain owns.
    Now why would you say that? >_>;

    I will. But remember to shut the door on your way out. :D I don't have one, I'm not married yet. Sheesh.
    Maybe. *floats through wall anyway*

    Funny, that's what I wanted you to do. It'd give me a good excuse, you know. 8DDDD But I am, so it will. =P
    Ummmmm....nah! xD

    Yeah, either that, or they'll go and get me a map and point out that big significant piece of green land called 'America' and wish me good luck....if they're really nice, they could add some plane tickets into the bargain =D

    Well, the essays are good ^^....only, one needs to be 1500 words shorter, and the teacher is just a perfectionist for the other one =P

    How has your day been?
    Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm just a ghost who's moaning about how horrible her death was. >_>

    *takes off shoes* These I can do without. *cuddles the miner* But since you said "could", you inferred that there was in fact a possibility of that happening. The fact that you brought that possibility up magnifies it and makes it seem much more likely.
    Normally me too..but, well. What a bad day it is for me. (Got hit on the lip by a boy's reflex and now my lips are swollen) Anyway, I will be gone for two days so Bye :)
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