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  • hey there!!
    yeah i dont come here often either.....

    well i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new!!
    you take care aye

    Please excuse me if I did say things harsh or out of place, but I just think that I should make a comment on this since it was a bit disturbing.
    You pretty much did say things out of place. Don't like how someone reviews and it's not a flame, bash or a one liner that you could explain on how to critique better or where to go or what to do so? Ignore it or take it to PM.

    A thread made by a person that is not yourself is not the place to start up general chit chat or voicing an opinion because someone was to mean for your liking.

    There's also the report feature.

    And tbh no I'm not going to change how I review just because you don't like it or anyone else doesn't like it.

    Don't like it? Go to the drama llama's that abound in this forum and cry on their shoulders, tyvm.
    hi there lol

    havent been here for a loooooooooong time
    what about you??
    hope all is well
    take care
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